General Military Course

Aerospace Studies 111 & 112: The Foundations of the US Air Force

During this 1-credit course, cadets learn the basics of Air Force ROTC and the U.S. Air Force.  From Air Force careers and installations, to proper wear of the uniform and saluting, it provides a solid foundation for first-year students and anyone interested in learning more about the Air Force and what it does.

Aerospace Studies 223 & 224: The Evolution of US Air Force Air and Space Power

During this 1-credit course, cadets explore the history of aviation and how it has contributed to the major military engagements of the 20th and 21st centuries.  Starting with the Wright Brothers and going through the Global War on Terrorism, cadets see the evolution of airpower and how it permanently changed military doctrine in becoming the predominant military force it is today.

Professional Officer Course

Aerospace Studies 335 & 336: The US Air Force Leadership Studies

During this 3-credit course, cadets learn the fundamentals of effective leadership.  Through lessons on teambuilding, mentoring and communication, cadets learn the skills necessary to become a good leader and follower in today's Air Force.

Aerospace Studies 441 & 442: National Security Affairs & Preparation for Active Duty

During the first semester of this 3-credit course, cadets learn how today's military fits into the structure of the U.S. government and how it contributes to and is affected by the US National Security policy.  During the second semester, cadets take the final steps towards a career in the Active Duty military with lessons on military justice and law, Air Force policies and supervisory skills. 

Leadership Lab: All Cadets

Each semester, cadets attend a 2-hour leadership laboratory (Lead Lab).  Lead Lab is designed to teach military customs and courtesies as well as leadership skills in all sorts of circumstances. Lead Lab is considered the most fun part of ROTC; during the 2-hour class, cadets participate in hands-on training such as visits to the nearby Air Force bases, practicing drill and ceremonies, and working on teambuilding and leadership exercises, with the emphasis on preparing cadets for life as future Active Duty officers.



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