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Demetria Shabazz


Demetria Shabazz

(413) 545-2751

303 New Africa House

My research interests include the role of media in history as constitutive of African, African American, and other communities of culture. Also, I am keenly interested in contemporary media and filmic production practices, codes and conventions, and public policy and regulation of the media from the standpoint of the socially and economically challenged. In addition, my work emphasizes the use of media, and media production, and other communication practices to help foster civic engagement.



Demetria R. Shabazz. Television’s “Race Race” of 1968: The Making of Black Representation in the TV Sitcom Julia (manuscript).

Journal Articles:

Demetria R. Shabazz and Leda Cooks. “The Pedagogy of Community Service Learning Discourse: From Deficit to Asset Mapping in the Re-Envisioning Media Project.” Journal of Community
Engagement and Scholarship, 7.1 (May 2014).

Demetria R. Shabazz. “Shedding Some Light on the Matter: Thoughts on Louise Martin.” Art Lies: A Contemporary Art Journal 11 (June 1996): 14-16.

Demetria R. Shabazz. “Oppositional Images of Yesterday and Today.” ACHÉ: Art Magazine, 1996.

Book Chapters and Encyclopedia Essays:

Demetria R. Shabazz. “Wilson Anthony ‘Boozoo’ Chavis.” In The African American National Biography, eds. Henry Louis Gates and Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham. New York: Oxford
University Press, 2008.

Demetria R. Shabazz. “Negotiated Boundaries: Production Practices and the Making of Representation in Julia.” In The Sitcom Reader: America Viewed and Skewed, eds. Mary Dalton
and Laura Linder. Albany: State University of New York Press, 2005. Pp. 151-162.

Courses Recently Taught

Undergraduate: Hollywood, Adaptation, and Diversity; Media Literacy and Community Media; Race, Gender and the Sitcom; Women in Cinemas of the African Diaspora. Graduate: Cinema and the African Diaspora.