“As an alumnus of the program, I have a great appreciation for the training that you provided! I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without my degree from the Arts Extension Service and UMass Amherst. Sincerely, thank you!”

Erick R. Lopez | Bachelor’s Degree in Arts Management

Manager of Programs | Boston Children's Chorus



“I've received a Global Connections On the Road Grant from Theatre Communications Group. The award is intended to support new artistic collaborations in Bulgaria, hosted by the Red House Center for Culture and Debate in Sofia. Thanks again for my training with AES!”

Anna Vigeland | Core Certificate

Choreographer, Director, Performer, Educator 



 “The classes I took through Arts Extension Service shaped the direction of my career. I use the model provided in strategic planning for all my goals and annual plan, and the systematic outline for fundraising I learned online is what gave me the confidence to pursue a career as a fundraiser. 
Strategic Planning for the Arts and Fundraising for the Arts changed how I think, how I operate. I am much more careful and deliberate about my goals and outcomes. It's very satisfying to balance my creative side with a purposeful, business-like outlook for how to achieve and measure results. 
The Arts Management Online courses were the first online courses I took, and I was skeptical of the format. I ended up meeting colleagues in the arts from Massachusetts to California who shared similar challenges, as well as faculty with excellent industry experience to share. I regularly tell people who ask me about arts administration careers to look at this program first.”

Kathleen McDonald | Classes: Strategic Planning, Arts Fundraising

Director of Development | Stoneham Theatre 



“The Arts Extension Service courses, combined with practical experience, have provided a solid foundation for my career in Arts Administration. I was able to learn more about fundraising and finance, two areas where I had the least experience. And the creative economy course was absolutely amazing (and challenging!). I loved the flexibility and I was pleasantly surprised how well I got to know my classmates. I enjoyed the interaction with everyone and feedback from the instructors.”

Tina D'Agostino | Core Certificate

President | Springfield Performing Arts Development Corp., City Stage Symphony Hall 



“Being the Director of a grassroots organization, I wear many hats and take on many new challenges.  My job entails everything:  Funding, marketing, compliance, fiscal responsibility, board building, strategic planning, legal work, architectural work, accounting, managing relationships with government officials in Tanzania, building relationships with supporters all around the world and managing 6 employees 12,000 miles away at time. I learn something new every day and am always grateful to have taken my Arts Extension classes as they have prepared me for this journey.  Prior to this, I worked at Goldman Sachs as a VP for 25 years...two very different fields and I couldn't have made the transition without taking nonprofit management classes at AES.”

Christine Lott | Classes: Financial Management in the Arts, Arts Fundraising, Strategic Planning

Director & Founder | Tanzania School Foundation 



"This course has been such a huge part of my life for the past several months, I'm a little sad to have it end. It was a great experience! The expert instruction and valuable feedback has prepared me to write a successful grant proposal."

Michelle Serra | Classes: Grantwriting

Grantwriter | Sonia Plumb Dance Company