Public Art Process for Artists

This intensive workshop focuses on key components of the public art process for artists of all mediums interested in creating public art projects, including those that engage with their community.  The workshop explores public art from idea to ribbon cutting, focusing on three important segments: the business side of public art; understanding concept and fulfilling the proposal, engaging with the community or audience. 

This intensive workshop explores the many types of public art projects that exist so there is common language and expands awareness of public art options for temporary works, creative placemaking, site activation, community engagement, and the importance of understanding how a public art work differs from one’s own studio work.

This training demystifies the business and professional aspects involved in the RFQ*and the RFP** including how to read the proposal, insurance, maintenance plans, and more.  The training delves into how to create your proposal including how to properly budget, when to create maquettes and a site plan, and we discuss the aesthetic issues of how to translate one’s own artwork for a public audience.  The workshop prepares the artist to present to a panel. Using lessons learned from artists around the country, we discuss final contract, fabrication, timely collaboration, project management, payments, how long is ‘permanent’, ownership transfer, what happens if the work must be removed, protecting the artist from liability, and some tips on how to manage those who are not accustomed to working with artists. 

The workshop further explores what constitutes community engagement, working with the public to meet their needs and fulfill their desires, teach and train others to co-create, and the importance of public relations to build acceptance and awareness of what the work is about and why it is valuable to a community. 

This workshop is available in two-day format or, for a greater depth of training, a five-day format.

*RFQ - request for qualifications

**RFP - request for proposals