Creative Economy

The Arts Extension Service has been a leader in recognizing and researching the creative economy and created the nation’s first workshops and online course on the creative economy. 

  • Our Creative Economy Training Programs draw upon the Arts Extension Service’s decades of experience in designing and delivering interactive, hands-on workshops that bridge the gap between research and practice. Drawing upon original research into creative economy initiatives throughout the world, we help community leaders to learn from the successes and challenges of others so they can design and implement effective creative economy partnerships in their regions.  We offer half- or full-day workshop tailored to meet the unique needs of your community, and taught by AES-certified instructors. 
  • Our Creative Economy Workbook is available as a download or as a CD.  Enter your information directly into our workbook pages to build your Creative Economy plan.  The Workbook guides you in understanding your region’s unique assets, potential partners, and community needs.
  • Our 12-week online Creative Economy course is open to students, arts managers, community leaders, civic leaders, artists, and others interested in growing their region’s potential.  This course is available for credit and not for credit.
  • Creative Economy Research – AES has conducted 26 case studies across Massachusetts investigating best practices and with the UMass Donahue Center, researched the impact of the alumni of the UMass Amherst College of Humanities and Fine Arts on the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts.
  • Creative Economy Course - AES' Tom Borrup offers the nation's first online 12-week course on the Creative Economy available for undergraduate credit, as a non-credit stand alone learning experience, or as part of our Core or Professional Certificate Programs.