Studio Practice Intern, Sunset Studios, Amherst, MA


Description:  I will show you how to frame a painting and you can help me do so. I need help with Photoshop and other computer skills for my career. You will learn how to approach gallery and museum directors to introduce my paintings to them, and which paintings to send to whom and in what format. You will learn the organization of the painting studio, and how to package works for exhibitions. You will learn how to sequence paintings for an exhibition. The tasks are endless and I can teach you all of them. In exchange, you will assist me with Photoshop and other computer skills

Job Functions:  Art/Design, Education/Teaching, Marketing/Sales, Writing

To Apply: In addition to a Resume, submit a Cover Letter and “Tell me what your interest is in working with an artist, what you want to learn.” Send to

Position type: Unpaid, hours flexible

Qualifications:  love of painting and willingness to learn the career end of things, knowledge of Photoshop