Video Production Intern, Dawn Siebel, Easthampton, MA


The artist Dawn Howkinson Siebel began to paint portraits of endangered species in 2013, meeting all the animals and working from her own documentation since 2015. She travels to select zoos and spends up to a week visiting and revisiting the animals, watching, learning, gathering all the impressions and materials she will need to later paint their portrait.

In January 2018 she launched her page on and began to produce several short monthly videos.

  • This & That is a simple, chatty, minimally edited video about anything.
  • Animal Lover videos are made from still and video footage the artist takes at zoos.
  • Art Lover videos show one painting’s creation from beginning to end using still process photos taken after each day’s work, and a video narration by the artist.
  • Art Lover Expanded videos are created 6x/year and can be 30-60 minutes long. These are specifically for viewers interested in more detailed information about the painting process. These incorporate videos and still imagery taken while painting.


I seek an intern who is organized, reliable, creative and curious to be in charge of editing the artist’s monthly Art Lover videos. The video series has an established template around ten minutes long, with raw images and footage supplied by the artist. Close attention is needed to match word to image, and to keep everything visually interesting and flowing. There is plenty of room to apply one’s own creativity and flair to the videos, including with music and sound effects. Onscreen credit will be given.

The intern will have the opportunity to learn and hone many skills at the interface of art and commerce. Artist and intern will have access to the artist’s cameras and digital trove as well as professional equipment from Easthampton Media, the public access station on the ground floor of Eastworks, where the artist also lives and works. Editing is currently done in iMovie, although other programs may be available.

Meeting times and locations will be mutually agreed upon and may vary from week to week. Except when file sharing, most work can be done remotely.


PAY TYPE: Unpaid


JOB STATUS:  PART-TIME (4-6 hours/week)

LOCATION:  in studio and remotely



REQUIRED DEGREE: open to all majors


HOW TO APPLY: Email me a resume along with a cover letter or paragraph of interest. Tell me what interests you about this internship and what you would like to gain from the experience.