Graphic Design Internship, Windhorse Communications Design, Amherst, MA (Catskill, NY)

About Windhorse Communications Design ( 

Windhorse is an award-winning network of seasoned veteran business mangers with expertise in product and graphic design, information technology, network and media management, marketing, and business & project management. 

We are a creative think-tank and agency which designs and produces a wide variety of communications projects for commercial clients and other organizations (non-profit, educational, etc.). We name products and companies, we design brand identity programs, print media, websites, etc.

At any given time, we might be working on a one-pint ice cream package design, a time-lapse video demonstrating a client’s product, a name for a new company, a service brochure or the design of a huge wall menu for a restaurant. 

Overview of Internship

The objective of this internship position is to provide a qualified student with a solid learning experience, working directly with the creative team at Windhorse Communications Design. We are a privately owned agency, providing a range of marketing communication services. 

Core objectives of this internship will include:

1.         Business planning – participating in brainstorming / strategy / business development discussions with Windhorse 

2.         Graphic design assignments using the Adobe Creative Suite

a.         developing logo design drafts using Adobe Illustrator

b.         photography and related Photoshop retouching

c.         page layouts using Adobe InDesign

3.         Motion graphics assignments 

4.         Possible video work: assisting on shoots, editing, creation of title sequences

5.         Copy writing and/or editing assignments for client brochures, web sites and other materials, if copy writing is of interest to the intern

6.         Bringing the Millennial perspective on social media to our client marketing mix

7.         If possible, adjustment of the Windhorse and client websites to fine-tune and improve SEO / Google search rankings

The Work

The multi-faceted nature of this internship position parallels the varied work of Windhorse Communications Design, presenting an opportunity for the intern to deal with all phases of real-world agency planning and execution:

•           Entrepreneurial energy

•           Creative ideation: development of visual and verbal identity programs

•           Design for print and web – our bread and butter

•           Motion graphics / animation projects to enrich WIndhorse and client websites. 

Because the our projects are so varied, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly the nature of the work you’ll be doing, but it will be rewarding – a wide range of media services in a real-world commercial setting. We’re down-to-earth people who have worked with interns in the past, to everyone’s satisfaction. Experience in graphic design, photography, motion graphic, video work, social meida, and Adobe Creative Suite a plus, but not required.

How It Fits into the Program of Study

We believe that the creative process is transferrable from medium to medium. A photographer with an eye for composition can often do well designing an ad or brochure, once the tools become familiar.

Logistics of the Internship

The intern will meet with the owner at least once in Catskill, NY, about two hours from UMass. This will give him or her the opportunity to work directly with the company and to participate in strategy sessions and business updates. Once we have spent time together, it will be more practical to conduct these meetings online (via Skype) to minimize the intern’s travel time. As long as assigned work is progressing, the intern will be able to structure his or her schedule around their school commitments. We are flexible.

Average hours per week is around 12; internships are available in the fall, spring, or summer terms.

How We Will Measure the Intern’s Progress and Contribution

All tasks and activities will be assigned to the student with clear contextual links to one of the seven objectives listed above. In addition, we will do our best to quantify the specific task objectives. For example, we might ask the intern to perform web and media research and to add to our prospect list 20 additional prospective customers in the Pioneer Valley. Over time, we will evaluate the intern’s progress as follows:

1.         Measured against quantified task objectives

2.         As the intern demonstrates initiative that helps us to identify new areas of interest, new insights, and new directions for our business

To Apply:

Email resume and cover letter to Larry Chernicoff at