Studio Practice and Marketing Intern, Artelia Court, Easthampton, MA


Artelia Court is a mature sculptor and writer who has practiced in both fields  since she was 16. After some 45 years professional life in New York City and New Mexico, Artelia recently moved her studio to a former auto-repair shop in Easthampton MA, a rapidly growing arts town 4 miles south of Northampton.

Artelia’s credits include arts and culture journalism for the Sunday Los Angeles Times, the Sunday New York Times and the University of California Press (Berkeley) and Tree Communications; sculpture instruction at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine (NYC); writing instruction at City University of New York; arts residencies at the Wurlizer Foundation (Taos, NM); and sculpture exhibitons in New York City and New Mexico galleries and the Museum of Women in the Arts

Artelia’s sculpture is conceptually sophisticated and shows a surrealistic sensibility, bold design and color, and could be described as post-post-modern, figurative, but non-realistic. It is highly refined in its craft, complex and rich in imagery and pictorial nuance. Its subject matter is taken often from Nature and the peculiar relations between human beings and their natural environments.

Internship Description:

Artelia’s  new “Hollow Tree Project”  uses wood and other forest materials to make a series  of large, heavy sculptures intended for indoor, not outdoor, exhibition.  The scale of this series and its materials which are new, for the most part, to Artelia. In intern who has wood construction skills as well as inventiveness,  and eagerness to explore traditional kinds of fine art materials: brushed paints, solvents, waxes, etc. would be suited to this opportunity. The second area of studio assistance needed will be help in the fields of digital media and, possibly, social media. Depending on the chosen intern’s enthusiasm and ability, this work could include digital photography, content marketing, funding research, and helping to plan introduction of the series on social media.

Sculpture is a physical and often very collaborative art. The best match for this opportunity will be an intern who enjoys physical work, who is ready to undertake studio necessities ranging from clean-up to contributing ideas about a mechanical or conceptual problem – and who is eager to learn. Reliability, interest in many aspects of art, and experience in any of the main areas we have described (wood work, general studio help, digital research and communications) are traits of the intern we would like to invite to join us. Enthusiasm and sensitivity are much appreciated.

Period of Internship/Employment: Winter or Spring

Opportunity Type: Part-time internship, unpaid. Reasonable transportation costs will be reimbursed.

Location: Downtown Easthampton, MA (4 miles from central Northampton by car)

Application Due Date: Rolling

Required Degree: None absolutely required. Most suitable experience would be in studio art, art management, construction and/or engineering, digital marketing and/or research, forestry.

Contact: Artelia Court,

How to Apply: Send a cover letter describing your background and the nature of your interes to Artelia Court at