Introducing our Blog Writing Interns: Jonah Dratfield and Serena Wong

This year, AES has two fantastic blog writing interns working with us: Jonah Dratfield and Serena Wong. Both Jonah and Serena are on-campus UMass students interested in careers in writing. Throughout the fall and spring, we will be sharing interviews they are conducting with our on-campus and online alumni about their lives and careers post-study with the Arts Extension Service. Scattered throughout will also be interviews with select intern-internship provider pairs from our Arts Entrepreneurship Initiative, as well as other AES "luminaries." 

But first, a little about Jonah and Serena!:

Jonah Dratfield is a writer and musician from South Hadley, Massachusetts. He is a graduate of Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public School and has studied in Germany and New York, as well as the Pioneer Valley. He is currently a junior at UMASS, pursuing an individualized degree in Songwriting & American Popular Song.

Serena Wong is a sophomore majoring in English and Communications. When she's not running late for class or burning the midnight oil, she can normally be found at acapella rehearsal, writing at her laptop, or wandering aimlessly around campus with her headphones in. Serena hopes that by the time she starts pulling out gray hairs with regularity, she'll be living in New York City.