AES is pleased to announce two new online faculty members joining us starting this spring - Min Cho and Anna-Christina Phillips!

by Jonah Dratfield

Calling Paula Del Giudice a renaissance woman is an understatement. She is not only a painter, photographer and writer, but an executive director of a non-profit and “something of a turnaround expert.” She not only has innumerable talents, but the discipline and vision to put these talents to meaningful uses. Arts Extension Service courses allowed her to solidify and expand her already considerable skills, and to apply them to a host of projects.

AES is pleased to announce that John Delconte has joined our online faculty and will be teaching Creative Economy this spring.

by Serena Wong, AES Blog Writing Intern

People tend to keep useful things on their desks. Some pens and pencils, perhaps. A bust of an inspirational historic figure. For Gwendolyn Tunnicliffe, it was a copy of Fundamentals of Arts Management.

This year, AES has two fantastic blog writing interns working with us: Jonah Dratfield and Serena Wong. Both Jonah and Serena are on-campus UMass students interested in careers in writing. Throughout the fall and spring, we will be sharing interviews they are conducting with our on-campus and online alumni about their lives and careers post-study with the Arts Extension Service. Scattered throughout will also be interviews with select intern-internship provider pairs from our Arts Entrepreneurship Initiative, as well as other AES "luminaries." 

Are you an artist, cultural organization, or creative business interested in having a student intern for the spring or summer?

The Arts Extension Service (AES) is excited to announce a new online Cultural Advocacy and Policy course, which will be offered starting in Spring 2018.  Available for credit or non-credit, this course will provide emerging, mid-career, and advanced arts leaders with an understanding of the fundamentals of creating cultural policy, as well as tools for advocacy, so they can create legislative change in their communities.

Jonathan Kuuskoski is the instructor for our online Foundations in Arts Entrepreneurship course and Assistant Director of Entrepreneurship and Career Services with the EXCEL program at the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre and Dance! The EXCEL Program provides entrepreneurship training and career services for all. You can read Jonathan's bio here.

In September, the Arts Extension Service will be holding a Fall Arts and Humanities Internship Fair in collaboration with the College of Humanities and Fine Arts and BDIC. As a way to answer commonly asked questions about the internship process, we profile pairings resulting from our internship program. In this article, we profile Live Arts Magazine Director Amanda Herman and UMass Amherst Media Management and Production major Laura Sui.