Intern/Grant Writer/Marketing Volunteer, Warrior's Art Room, Inc., Westfield, MA

Warrior’s Art Room, Inc.'s purpose is to provide veterans and active duty members of the Armed Forces of the United States of America and their immediate families with a location for which they can receive instruction in the creation of art, encouragement to create said art, the display of works created, and to promote the creation of art to the veteran community.

The creation of and the instruction provided will not be limited to one medium, but will instead encourage the use of all mediums and forms of art. We shall provide education by conducting workshops, one on one mentoring, free lectures, and informal classes. From time to time we will host presentations/gallery exhibits of completed works and generate public awareness of our efforts. Art has been used since the beginning of time for communicating feelings and emotions. Before there was written languages there was art. Some still exists on cave walls. Art can be made using just about anything at anytime. Having special tools are nice but not necessary. A quick doodle is art just as is a bronze sculpture; one is not more powerful than the other in context. Art can be created by one’s self or with others. It excels at bringing people, friends, lovers, and families together, through creating together.


Warriors Art Room, Inc. is seeking an energetic, art minded individual to help with the promotion of our efforts. This will be through the writing of grants, contacting and networking with other like-minded organizations or individuals. We would prefer a veteran or a family member of a veteran but will be open to anyone who shares our vision of bringing the arts to this demographic for healing and entertaining purposes. This will be an unpaid position and we would like an individual to be able to work with us between 4-5 hours a week if possible. Computer savvy and social media work is a plus. The love for our veterans is a must. You need to be able to set your political views aside and serve the community through loving and serving these men and women and their families in this capacity. We do operate out of a church, so if that is offensive to you in anyway please do not apply.

PERIOD OF INTERNSHIP/EMPLOYMENT: We would like to have this internship start as soon as possible and continue through the spring semester 2019, with the possibility of an extension.

PAY TYPE: This is an unpaid position at this time.


JOB STATUS: Part-time 4-5 hrs. per week

LOCATION: Westfield, MA


REQUIRED DEGREE: No specific degree, but a love for the arts, veterans and their families a MUST

CONTACT: Brenda Jones

HOW TO APPLY: Call 413-627-8170 to set up interview, email resume and letter of intent