Degrees & Certificates

The Arts Extension Service offers several options to allow you to get the information, education and credentials you need to advance your institution and your own career in our affordable, flexible, professional and award-winning program. 

Our credit and noncredit options allow you to keep your tuition as affordable as possible 

  • Complete the Core Certificate in as little as six months for only $2,803, including fees and books.
  • There is no application process for the certificate program--simply start by registering for the course Introduction to Arts Management.
  • Save money and buy only one textbook! Our Fundamentals of Arts Management, utilized by 45% of colleges and universities offering arts management, is the only textbook you will need for most classes.  Additional readings are embedded in the course, saving you hundreds of dollars every semester. 
  • Our online format allows you the flexibility to work when and where you want. Plan to take part in lively discussions and complete weekly assignments at the time most convenient to you.  Anywhere you have internet access you can be ‘in’ class.
  • Faculty members are carefully selected for their expertise in their field, and are professionals with 10 – 25 or more years of experience. Many have dual careers as arts managers and arts practitioners. 

We offer the nation’s ONLY Online Bachelor’s Degree in Arts Management

Our online degree in Arts Management allows you the opportunity to select from a variety of courses, and earn credit from life and work experience including serving in the military, starting a business/nonprofit or other professional achievements.  Many of our courses require a case study organization, providing you the opportunity to ‘do your work’ for your own institution while completing assignments.  Most courses end with a final product, such as a 3-year fundraising plan, that you can immediately implement. Complete your degree with a Portfolio project overseen by faculty or your advisor.  Students interested in the Online Degree will apply for admission through the University Without Walls and will be paired with an advisor who will work with you to help you complete your degree.

Core or Professional Certificates in Arts Management

If you already have a degree but want to show your commitment to the field or update your resume while you expand your skills, the Certificate program is for you.  Classes may be taken in any order after completing the Introduction to Arts Management class and count toward the Core or Professional Certificates (note: the only exception is Foundations in Arts Entrepreneurship, which counts towards the Professional Certificate, but not the Core Certificate). The Core Certificate requires successful completion of four classes while the Professional Certificate requires successful completion of eight classes (earning the equivalent of a C or better).  Students may select those courses which best suit their interest and needs to expand their skillset and to be more marketable.  You can complete the Core Certificate in as little as six months and (if non-credit) for only $2,801, which includes the textbook.

A La Carte or Professional Development Credits

If you need a course or two for professional development purposes or to acquire skills, you are welcome to register for a single class. All classes (with the exception of Foundations in Arts Entrepreneurship) have Introduction to Arts Management as a prerequisite. This prerequisite can be waived if you have a minimum of three years professional experience in an arts management capacity. Please email your resume and contact us with any questions at or 413-545-2360.