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Introduction to Arts Management

Arts Managers perform the work that is required to bring the arts and cultural programs to audiences, organizing programs such as festivals and exhibits, performing arts events and film screenings.  This course will introduce you to the "business of the arts," providing you with an overview of the careers in arts management, the types of work that arts managers do, and the current issues and trends now affecting arts management professionals.

This course is designed for individuals who are new to the field of arts management, are considering an arts management career, or are interested in arts management principles for the purposes of starting one's own nonprofit.  This course is a requirement for all students joining the Arts Management program who have no prior experience in the field. View sample syllabus here.

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Board Development

Boards of directors are vital to the operation of nonprofits, but many organizations do not understand the role of board members, nor do they prepare board members to assume their responsibilities effectively. This course will examine the role of the nonprofit board of directors, how they can best relate to the professional staff, and how to identify volunteer leadership needs. Recruitment and orientation of new board members will also be discussed. Practical assignments will be focused on your own board of directors or you will interview board leaders of a case study nonprofit organization to fulfill course requirements. If interested in taking a course a la carte, contact AES about waiving the prerequisite. View sample syllabus here.

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Foundations in Arts Entrepreneurship

This course is designed as a primer in arts entrepreneurship and explore creating your own artist-based business. Students will examine the breadth of professional opportunities and explore strategies for pursuing them. Students will construct a personal mission statement, build an individualized portfolio of materials appropriate for professional development purposes, and begin a journal to formulate, collect, and grow creative venture ideas. Topics will include creative visioning, an introduction to the for-profit and non-profit economies, budgeting and relevant arts policy. Note: *This course does not count towards the online Core Certificate in Arts Management. It does count towards the Campus and online Professional Certificates. View sample syllabus here.

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