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Creative Economy Training Programs

Are you interested in growing your state's creative economy? Do you want to use the arts to revitalize your community or region's economic well-being?

Our Creative Economy Training Programs draw upon the Arts Extension Service's decades of experience in designing and delivering interactive, hands-on workshops that bridge the gap between research and practice. Drawing upon original research into creative economy initiatives throughout the world, we help community leaders to learn from the successes and challenges of others so they can design and implement effective creative economy partnerships in their regions. Each half- or full-day workshop is tailored to meet the unique needs of your community, and is taught by AES-certified instructors. Choose from three workshops:

  • Starting Your Creative Economy Program: This workshop offers a step-by-step framework for developing and implementing a successful creative economy program in your community. Based on extensive research conducted by AES, this workshop offers participants an overview of likely challenges as well as best practices in the field.
  • Sustaining Your Creative Economy Program: After the initial thrill of establishing a creative economy partnership, many project coordinators find themselves running out of steam – or worse – running their programs alone. This workshop is designed to revitalize your partnership so that you can keep your programs and your partners moving forward.
  • Evaluating Your Creative Economy Program: More and more community leaders are seeking ways to evaluate their creative economy initiatives. This workshop offers an overview of evaluation terminologies and provides step-by-step guidance about how to create a plan for evaluating your creative economy projects.

All workshops include a free copy of AES' new Partners in Creative Economy Planning Workbook (see below). Call 413-545-2360 to learn more about how to schedule a training program in your community.

Partners in Creative Economy Planning Workbook

Creative Economy workbook

Written by Craig Dreeszen with Tom Borrup and Maren Brown, The Partners in Creative Economy Planning Workbook provides a framework for planning that fits your unique community.

Interested in refining or building durable community arts collaborations at the local level?  Want to understand the steps needed to build your Creative Economy? Order your workbook today!

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