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On Campus Courses in Arts Management

Frequently asked questions:

When is each course offered?

NOTE:  This schedule is subject to change.




Introduction to Arts Management



Arts Fundraising



Arts Marketing



Financial Management



Strategic Planning
Yes No

Greening Your Nonprofit Arts Organization



Arts & Culture Internship Prep Course

No Yes
Foundations in Arts Entrepreneurship
Yes No

Arts Management courses are offered on campus in the Fall and Spring.  All classes commence according to the UMass Amherst Academic Calendar.

How does a blended class work?

Blended courses are taught both online and face-to-face.  You will be given information on how to access the online portion of the class in Moodle.  In general, written assignments will be submitted online, and face-to-face classes will focus on lectures, discussion and group projects.

You will be asked to complete two assignments every week (in addition to required readings). Some of these assignments may be substituted with other activities, but generally, you will be required to do the following each week:

  • In-class group work in which you are asked to respond to open-ended questions about a particular aspect of the lecture, or show evidence of your participation in a group setting.
  • written assignment, where you will upload a weekly one to two-page written assignment in response to a problem that the teacher poses for the class.
  • An online discussion in which you will answer questions that the teacher poses for the class and you will respond to peers.
  • An online feedback area, in which you are asked to offer substantive feedback on at least one written assignment of a fellow classmate.

Are there any prerequisites that I need to take the classes?

Introduction to Arts Management (HM&FNART 500/390A) is required before taking any other Arts Management courseIntroduction to Arts Management will help to lay the foundation for your understanding of the potential roles, work, and possibilities in the Arts Management field.

Juniors and seniors may take Introduction to Arts Management simultaneously with another Arts Management course if their schedule allows. Sophomores may only taking Introduction to Arts Management.

What order should I take the courses in?

Begin with Introduction to Arts Management, then take the courses in any order you like. Not all of our courses are offered on campus yet.  See the course chart above for offerings by semester.

Can campus students take the Arts Extension Service’s online courses?

Yes!  UMass campus students can take online courses through Continuing Education, but must pay additional fees.  Click here to go to their contact page.

How will my work be evaluated?

Students will be evaluated on level of participation, completing assigned work, and participating in online and classroom discussions.

Can undergraduate students take our courses?


Sophomores can take Introduction to Arts Management (prerequisite for our other classes).

Juniors and seniors can take any of our courses, starting or concurrent with Introduction to Arts Management.

Can graduate students take our courses?

Yes!  Starting in Fall 2012, our courses will be offered at the 500 level.

Do I have to log on at any specific time?

You can login to Moodle at any time, however Discussions, Assignments and Feedback are all due on set times each week.

What texts do I need for these courses?Fundamentals_5th_cover

You will only need one textbook to use for all of our courses: Fundamentals of Arts Management, 5th edition.  It is available through the University bookstore.

I have more questions, how do I get help?

Please refer to our contact page for phone numbers and email address where you can direct further questions.

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