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Arts Management Online Non-credit Certificate Classes

The Arts Extension Service makes quality instruction available to professional and volunteer leaders of arts and nonprofit organizations. Students interested in exploring the field of arts management are also encouraged to participate. AES translated its highly-respected textbook, Fundamentals of Arts Management into a comprehensive series of highly accessible web-based courses. Earn a Certificate in Arts Management from the nation’s leading provider of professional education for arts leaders by completing four courses. Complete eight courses for a Professional Track Certificate. Please click on the side menu to the left to find course descriptionsfaculty profiles, information about our certificate program and how to register.

How it works:

Each course consists of 12 one-week sessions, and classes are offered during the spring, summer and fall semesters. Each weekly session includes a written lecture, a practical assignment, and a discussion topic. Courses enable students to apply what they learn right away using a nonprofit organization as a case study. Most students choose the organization for which they work or volunteer so the course can immediately pay off with improved management and programs. The text, Fundamentals of Arts Management, now in a 5th edition is required for all courses. Click here for more information about our online classes.


Most of our classes require only one textbook, the 5th edition of our Fundamentals of Arts Management, which is required for all courses.  Additional assigned reading will be online, embedded in the courses.  

NOTE: Our Bookstore will no longer ship international orders. To order a book to be shipped overseas, please email us at:

The Benefits of Arts Management Online:

If you have never taken our online classes, consider these benefits:

  • 24/7 access: You can attend class any time of day or night. If you are a working professional, parent or a person with a busy life, you will appreciate the flexibility of an online learning environment.
  • Small class sizes: We limit our enrollment to no more than 15 students per class, to ensure that you have ample opportunity to interact and reflect.
  • A student-centered approach: Unlike a conventional classroom, where you sit and listen to a lecture, you will be at the center of the learning experience, actively engaging with other students and the instructor in discussions and assignments.
  • Access to arts and culture colleagues around the world: Our classes enable you to connect with colleagues at other arts and culture nonprofits around the nation and the world.
  • Faculty who have excellent teaching credentials AND are working professionals in the field of arts management: Our faculty have extensive experience in the field and use this experience to inform class discussions and feedback forums.
  • Application of material to a case study organization: Unlike most classes, you will apply your knowledge immediately to a case study organization--ideally, your own nonprofit.
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