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» Arts Management Courses on the UMass Amherst Campus

Arts Management Courses on the UMass Amherst Campus

Arts Management is the work required to run a non-profit arts organization, such as a museum, performing arts center, theater, pop-up gallery, public art project and more. Arts managers perform behind the scenes work including marketing, fundraising, community outreach, grantwriting, planning, programming. This can include curating, creating education programs, planning festivals, and promoting the work of artists, musicans or projects that may include art for social change, working with at-risk youth and engaging diverse audiences. Students may take one or more courses, or complete the campus certificate.

The NEW Arts Management Campus Certificate provides proof of one’s commitment to the field. Our courses will:

  • Introduce students to the “business of the arts”
  • Provide an overview of the varied careers that arts managers enjoy
  • Introduce current issues and trends affecting arts management professionals
  • Teach important skills including budgeting, arts marketing, planning, audience and partnership development, and much more
  • Build your arts management portfolio demonstrating completion of semester–long intensive projects such as a 3-Year Fundraising plan for an actual nonprofit arts organization
  • Integrate the professional experience of leaders in the field through in-class presentations
  • Invite experts including artists/arts managers working on Creative Placemaking, Art for Social Change, or Audience Development projects to join us for week-long online discussions

The Arts Management Certificate could make you stand out to potential employers and arts institutions that are looking for a well-rounded graduate.  For students interested in art history, art, music, dance, film, writing, or theater, an Arts Management Certificate demonstrates a broader understanding of the behind-the-scenes workings of nonprofit arts organizations.   


The Arts Management Campus Certificate requires a total of 15 credits.  The following Core required courses (12 credits) provide an adequate basis for understanding and entering the nonprofit arts field:

HM&FN ART 500 -- Introduction to Arts Management (3 credits)

HM&FN ART 501 -- Arts Fundraising (3 credits)

HM&FN ART 502 -- Arts Marketing (3 credits)

HM&FN ART 504 -- Financial Management for Nonprofit Arts Organizations (3 credits)


Students can then choose from the following courses for their additional 3 or more credits (to equal a minimum of 15 credits). The following options allow students to explore their area of interest and develop additional skills:

HM&FN ART 503 -- Arts Programming (3 credits)

HM&FN ART 505 -- Strategic Planning for Arts Organizations (3 credits)

HM&FN ART 509 -- Greening Your Arts Nonprofit Organization (3 credits)

HM&FN ART 390P - Arts and Culture Internship Preparation (3 credits)

HM&FN ART 391A - Foundations in Arts Entrepreneurship (3 credits)


The following AES online offerings are open to students through Continuing & Professional Education. These courses are ideal for students studying abroad or completing internships off campus. Note: These courses are not included as part of your regular tuition.

HM&FN ART 391E - Grantwriting for the Arts (3 credits)

HM&FN ART 506 -- Arts Education and Policy (3 credits)

HM&FN ART 508 -- Creative Economy (3 credits)

HM&FN ART 510 -- Program Evaluation (3 credits)

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