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» Arts Management Courses on the UMass Amherst Campus

Arts Management Courses on the UMass Amherst Campus

Augment your degree in the arts with a professional arts management foundation!

The Arts Extension Service is proud to offer arts management classes on campus to matriculated UMass Amherst and 5 College students!  Our arts management courses are perfect for students who want a career in arts management or are planning careers in the arts and want a more complete understanding of how to run a gallery, work in a museum or theater, or have marketable skills in addition to their art form.

Arts Extension Service courses are offered as interdisciplinary courses through the College of Humanities and Fine Arts.  Each course provides a hands-on overview of nonprofit arts management by introducing students to real cultural organizations through guest lecturers, integrative case study assignments, and professors who are leaders in the field.  The courses are ‘blended’ and consist of one face-to-face class per week, plus weekly online discussions, assignments and peer feedback.

There are many ways to incorporate arts management into your education.  Students may integrate Arts Management into their self-constructed degree through BDIC, independent study, or electives.  Speak to your advisor if you have questions!

Starting in Fall 2012 our courses will be offered at the 500 Level, so graduate students may take our courses for credit.

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Other Programs on the UMass Campus


Alumni Art Stars

AES, with support from grants, brings UMass arts alumni back to campus to share the stories of how each artist ‘made it’ in the arts world. Alumni Art Stars visit student studios and give critiques, and present an evening lecture on their work to the campus and regional community. The Alumni Arts Stars program is possible through collaboration with UMass Art Department and UMass Arts Council support.  Watch the UMass Events Calendar and our Facebook and Twitter pages for Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 dates!

Artist-in-Business Trainings

For decades, AES has offered training programs on business and marketing skills for emerging artists. AES is happy to bring our Artist-in-Business training to your class!  Read more about Artist-in-Business Trainings here.

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