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The Arts Extension Service is a national arts service organization located at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, working to serve the arts through education, research, publications and consulting. 

The Arts Extension Service is the nation's leading provider of Arts Management education and training for students and professionals in the arts and in arts management. AES offers the nation's only online Arts Management bachelor's degree, two online Arts Management Core and Professional certificates and a new Certificate in Arts Management for students on campus. We also offer publications, research services, and training programs for state, regional, and local arts agencies.  In 2015, we launched our new Arts Entrepreneurship Initiative, serving students and faculty as well as the region’s artists and  other creative businesses.


The Leadership Certificate in Arts Management: Advanced Skills and Cutting Edge Knowledge:

The Leadership Certificate provides advanced skills and cutting edge knowledge necessary for emerging, mid-career and seasoned arts managers... Read More


Susan Shannon

"Attending the Breaking-into-Business workshop jump-started my pottery career. So to ensure others like me could benefit, I began the 100... Read More

National Arts Policy Archive & Library

The Arts Extension Service has teamed up with the National Endowment for the Arts and the UMass Amherst Libraries' Special Collections and University Archives to create the first National Arts Policy Archive and Library.