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Women of Isenberg Conference 2019

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Women of Isenberg projected on a wall

The Women of Isenberg Conference is an annual event that was founded six years ago by the Isenberg Women in Business Club. Its purpose is to connect students, faculty, alumnae, and industry professionals. It is a day to discuss the struggles women continue to face in the business sector. While it is tailored toward business, I have had the opportunity to attend for the past two years and have been greatly inspired by the conference's mission and goals. 

What I really like about the conference is that you can tailor it to your interests through the multiple panels and workshop options available. This year, the first breakout session I chose to attend was titled "Oh, The Places You'll Go!", which focused on what life is like after graduation. Three alumnae sat as panelists and discussed where they work now and what they experienced after graduating that got them there. It was nice because they made a point to not only discuss their career highlights, but to also touch on some of their low points. It was very refreshing to hear a more realistic discussion of people's career moves and experiences, and I left feeling more comfortable about not knowing exactly what I want to do once I graduate.

Next, I attended the breakout session on data analytics. As someone pursuing an information technology minor, I thought that this would be an interesting panel topic. One of the panelists discussed how she never would have imagined ending up in an analyst position, but she was happy she did. I never thought that I would choose to pursue an IT minor, so I related to that. Lastly, I attended a workshop on money management. This was partially hosted by Smart About Money, an organization on campus that helps students become financially literate and develop money management skills. The presentation definitely got me thinking about my unnecessary spending and how I can work on saving for more important things with those dollars I spend on clothing or snacks. 

Overall, I thought it was an incredibly informative and thought-provoking event. It's great to have a place that allows women to discuss the sexism and discrimination that exists, not only in the business sector, but in general. I highly recommend this event to anyone with an interest in professional development and a passion for making the workplace a more inclusive environment. The Women of Isenberg Conference is a fantastic event and I already can't wait for next year.


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