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UMass' Most Scenic Study Spot!

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The view of the University of Massachusetts campus out the windows at the Integrative Learning Center (ILC)

The University of Massachusetts Communication Department is located on the third floor of the Integrative Learning Center (ILC for short). What most students don't know is that the department is home to a decently large study space for students!

While it is of course primarily meant for communication majors, no one is checking you at the door — so it is pretty easy to walk in and find a spot regardless of your major. The rest of the ILC can be very crowded and hectic, so I love this space as a little escape from the noise and bustle of the main part of campus. 

What really makes this area stand out to me is that it has one of the most picturesque views that you can get from a study spot. With its huge wall-to-wall windows on two sides of the room, you can essentially see the entirety of central campus. As a result, it offers what I believe to be one of the prettiest views of the Campus Pond and Du Bois Library that you can get here at UMass!

I highly recommend you check out this quiet little escape to get some work done, or simply just to take in and appreciate how beautiful our campus truly is!


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