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Isenberg's New Business Innovation Hub

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Courtyard of the Isenberg business hub at UMass Amherst, in winter.

While the grand opening celebration will not be until April, the greatly-anticipated Isenberg Business Innovation Hub is fully completed and open to students as of the start of the Spring 2019 semester. The 70,000-square feet and $62 million extension project features new classrooms, expansive study areas, new facilities for Isenberg's Chase Career Center, conference, meeting, and interview rooms, and even a cafe!

With the start of classes, I knew I had to go check out the new building, and was amazed by how much additional study space there is now. The atrium was simply not enough for how many students are in Isenberg, so I am very excited about this additional space! During breaks between classes, I will definitely be making use of the comfy chairs and large tables to get some work done or hang out with friends.

Even if you're not in Isenberg, the Innovation Hub is a great new spot for grabbing a cup of coffee or lunch on the go at the cafe, or working on assignments in your spare time. I highly recommend you make a point of checking it out during your next campus visit or during your first few weeks at UMass.


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