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Students in a class at the University of Massachusetts face lecturers in a modern brightly-lit space

When you picture what business school classes might be like on a college campus, you might picture a large lecture hall with a professor at the front droning on about corporate finance and maybe scribbling a few numbers on the board. What I love about UMass, and specifically the Isenberg School of Management, is that is certainly not the case! To help show you what I mean, here are some examples of some interactive and interesting assignments that I've had this semester:

Marketing 301: Google Analytics Experience

Taught by Professors Bruce Weinberg and Cynthia Barstow, my Marketing 301 lecture has been very interactive despite having almost 400 people enrolled in the singular class. Just yesterday, I had a Google Analytics Experience assignment due that really tested our marketing skills. First, we were tasked with choosing a person/company that we wanted to gain the attention of and then writing two blog posts on a Weebly website we created that would help captivate their attention. Personally, I chose to pursue American Eagle. From there, we used Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to create content aimed at driving viewers to look at our blog posts. During this time, we were tracking our website's pageviews using Google Analytics in order to get data on where our viewers were coming from, and a short report of our findings was required afterwards. Despite being challenging, I found this assignment significantly more exciting than just reading a textbook chapter for homework! 

Management 260 "Business Law": Mock Trial

In my Business Law class, my professor Stella Xanthakos likes to switch up the curriculum. Instead of assigning a ten-page research paper like most of the other Mgmt-260 professors do, Professor Xanthakos chooses to give the option of participating in a mock trial, where students have the option of playing a lawyer, witness, or juror. I was a witness and played a waitress who worked for the hotel being sued in the case, and really enjoyed watching the lawyers use their analytical skills to ask me the right questions. While admittedly, most students choose this option because it is significantly less time consuming than a research paper, it is also way more fun to be involved with an interactive assignment like this. During the trial, I found that I was definitely understanding how court room proceedings would function much better than just having read about it. 

As you can see, professors in the Isenberg School of Management really do their best to give you real-world, interactive assignments to help get you ready for your future career! If you're looking for a school that offers so much more than just lectures and exams, UMass is the place for you!



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