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The Importance of Volunteer Work

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UMass students painting a fence. Text: The Importance of Volunteer Work

This past Wednesday I spent my evening selling chicken wings at “Wings for Wishes,” a philanthropic event sponsored by the Chi Omega sorority. All the proceeds we make at any event go to the Make a Wish Foundation. Although I wasn’t there for that long, it was a rewarding feeling to be a part of something that raises money for a good cause, and I look forward to doing more philanthropy work in the future.

Volunteering is more than just a resume-builder. Especially as a high school student, you’re expected to have several hours of community service, and I know it can be enticing to spend a few hours volunteering to boost your resume. However, it’s genuinely the most rewarding feeling to be a part of something that helps others, especially when the money you raise is going toward an organization you care about. Even if you’re not raising money, small acts of kindness go a long way for people. So, take a little extra time to do something, because you never know how many people will appreciate it.

We’re fortunate enough to be at a school that allows you to get so involved on campus and around the area, so the least we can do is volunteer every now and then. UMass encourages us to give back to our community, and we are responsible for making campus an inviting, caring environment. An easy way to do so is by volunteer work. Not only does it make you look good on paper, it makes you feel even better when you are able to help those who need it.



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