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The Importance of Leadership Experience

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Having leadership experience in college is a fantastic resume booster, no matter what field you are going into. Whether you are involved with student government, the captain of a club or intramural sports team, or on an executive board for one of University of Massachusetts' many Registered Student Organizations—holding a leadership position is great for proving that you are responsible, driven, and organized. Recruiters are sure to ask you about your extracurricular activities, and saying that you hold an actual title within an organization is much more impressive, and interesting to discuss, than simply being a member of something. 

In my opinion, one of the easiest ways to gain leadership experience at UMass is by joining an executive board. There are so many clubs on campus, that there is sure to be one you can get involved with and begin to work your way up the ladder! Seniors graduate every semester leaving empty spaces to fill that you can take a shot at filling. Last semester, I took a chance and applied to be on Isenberg Marketing Club's executive board, and was very excited to be given the position. It is already a great talking point for summer internship interviews!

Being able to talk about a legitimate role that you hold allows you to describe what you've learned from the experience, and helps you stand out from other internship or job applicants. I highly recommend you finding something to get involved with during your first semester or two at UMass, so that you can start getting more involved and building your resume early!



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