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The Best Lunch on Campus

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Students eating at the Blue Wall at UMass. Text: The Best Lunch on Campus

As wonderful as UMass dining halls are, sometimes you cannot help but get to a point where it feels a bit monotonous. UMass does a fantastic job with a variety of options, but it can be easy to fall into the trap of eating the same few meals over and over nonetheless. 

When I want to mix up my meals to help keep UMass Dining as exciting as it should be, I go to Blue Wall. As cliche as it sounds, going to Blue Wall alone on Monday afternoons has become a routine of mine that kind of feels like taking myself out on a cute little date. Since I am on the DC Basic Meal plan, and don't have any dining dollars, it is a treat for me to use one of my nine meal exchanges for the semester, so that definitely helps it feel more special.

Personally, my favorite Blue Wall option is Greenfields, which offers a variety of yummy wrap and hand-tossed salad options, all with locally-sourced ingredients. I always get a Caesar salad with the crispy antibiotic-free chicken (seriously amazing, I can't recommend enough) and a small bag of chips to perfectly use the $10 amount that all meal exchanges are worth.

These little lunches by myself always make my day a little brighter and really help break up the monotony of going to Berk for most of my meals, Also, the salad options at Blue Wall are simply better than what the dining halls serve, in my opinion. If you fall into a dining hall rut like I do, going to one of the seemingly endless retail dining options on campus is a sure way to help fix the problem.



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