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Sick of Watching Football? Try Hockey!

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UMass hockey

Baseball might be called "America's favorite pastime," but we all know that the United States is really a football country.

You've probably sat under the lights through countless high school games to socialize and cheer on the team — I know I did — and you've definitely witnessed the hype around the Super Bowl, especially if you're a Pats fan like you should be. However, as great of an experience as UMass football games are, I personally think the real gem of UMass Athletics is our men's hockey team. 


UMass Men's Hockey is an impressive up-and-coming team that has been operating under the successful marketing campaign of "NewMass" to demonstrate how third-year head coach Greg Carvel is pushing the program to be better than it's ever been. In the 2017-2018 season, the team made it to the quarterfinals of the Hockey East tournament after an exciting win against Vermont in the playoffs!


Like all UMass sporting events, undergraduate students can attend for free as long as they provide their UCard at the doors. Games are played in our beautiful arena, the Mullins Center, and run from October to March so you have plenty of time to make it to a game. Hockey has its very own "Ice Band" that plays songs you know and love in between plays and periods; free UMass attire is shot out through t-shirt cannons; and there is even a "goal song" that all of the students chant after the team scores. 


Whether you have been watching hockey for years or are a brand new spectator to the sport, I highly recommend attending one of the team's games and seeing for yourself the energy and spirit that fills the rink!



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