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Information Technology: The Best Minor at UMass

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UMass offers an interdisciplinary Information Technology minor that is open to all majors on campus. Graduating with the IT minor degree requires the successful completion of six courses out of a current set of 106 options to choose from (though I will warn that not all 106 are offered each semester). The requirements for the minor are as follows: (1) foundation course, (2) technical courses, (1) broadened Inquiry course, and (2) elective courses. Overall, this minor does not take up that much time and is a very feasible addition to any degree at UMass!

While I am admittedly biased as as an IT minor myself, I firmly believe this is the best minor that you can obtain at UMass Amherst. As a marketing student who came in as a hospitality and tourism management major, I have always thought of myself as a creative person and did not have significant interest in the world of technology. When looking at the list of minors offered, however, IT stood out to me as the most useful pairing for my marketing degree, especially because you cannot minor within the Isenberg School of Management. Looking back, I am incredibly thankful that I did break out of my comfort zone and decide to pursue this minor. It has offered me knowledge of tools and skills that I would not have had exposure to otherwise, and I feel significantly more qualified and prepared for entering the real world after graduation as a result. 

What I love most about the IT minor program is that it is extremely flexible and can be tailored directly towards your particular interests. For example, you would think you would have to take a computer science class to get this minor. However, I have no plans of doing so and will still graduate with the minor just the same as those who do! As a little pro-tip: whether you are an Isenberg student or not, I highly recommend taking OIM 210 as your foundation course. It is an introductory business information systems class that teaches you in-depth how to use important software systems like Microsoft Excel and Access. Absolutely a useful class for many majors, not just business students! If you are not an Isenberg student, it is very easy to obtain an override into the class because you are an IT minor student, so don't rule it out!

To enroll, you must simply submit the IT Minor Enrollment Form available here, under the 'Enrollment' heading. Regardless of your major here at UMass, having tangible technological skills under your belt and on your resume are extremely useful for both your post-grad job search and to use in your actual career! I could not be happier with my decision to become an IT minor, and I hope that this has made you at least look into becoming one yourself!



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