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How to Feel Festive at UMass: Halloween Edition

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Decorated pumpkins

It might be cold enough to trick (or treat, ba dum tss) us into thinking it's already December, but it's only mid-October, which means Halloween is right around the corner! I've never been super into Halloween personally, but I'll jump at any chance to decorate, which means I've had festive Halloween-themed decorations in my dorm for weeks now. Here are some of the fun, easy things you can do at UMass to get in the Halloween spirit:

1. Go to the dollar store/Target dollar section

One of my go-to's for holiday dorm decorating is window gels like the "happy halloween" one I have this year (pictured below) and the cute bats, skulls, and spiders I had up last year. These are always only $1 and come in a of variety of fun shapes! I also recommend the banners that Target has, like the adorable "spooky" one I had on my door last year!


2. Buy a pumpkin!

Whether you want to carve a real one or go the mini and glittery fake route like I did, pumpkins make a great addition to any dorm decorating! There's a good chance your RA could plan a pumpkin carving event for your floor, or you can keep an eye out for a University Programming Council (UPC) event that will let you decorate and carve one for free!


3. Go to a Halloween-themed dinner at any of the dining halls

UMass is unrivaled when it comes to going all out for themed dinners, and Halloween is no exception! On the 31st, be sure to make time for a dinner of fun activities like bobbing for apples, magic tricks, a DJ, pumpkin painting, and made-to-order caramel apples!


4. Try to win in the dining hall costume contest or plan a group one with friends!

Every year, UMass hosts a student costume contest where you can win a $100 gift card if your costume wins first place! Even if you know you aren't creative enough to have a winning shot at first, second, or third, you can always plan a fun group costume with your friends! Last year, my friends and I dressed up as the Mystery Gang from Scooby Doo. None of us won, but we still received a bunch of compliments and had fun eating caramel apples at Berk!


Hopefully these tips help get you in the holiday spirit! Happy Halloween!


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