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Off-Campus Activities: Atkins Farms!

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Cider donuts and pumpkins from Atkins Farms

Like any true New Englander, I love apple cider donuts. I mean, who doesn't?

Luckily for us UMass students, we have year-round access to delicious, made-in-house apple cider donuts right up the street at Atkins Farms Country Market. Growing up, my parents used to make it a point to stop at Atkins Farms on the way home from visiting family in western Massachusetts, simply to pick up a half-dozen of their famous cider donuts. They're made fresh continuously throughout the day so you'll never get a stale batch. (Pro-tip: they are significantly better on the first day you buy them, so feel free to use that as an excuse to indulge in more than one!) I was feeling festive recently and picked up this half-dozen batch with two baby pumpkins for a little over $5 total, so they might break your goal calorie intake for the day, but they won't break your budget!


Although the apple cider donuts are certainly a best-seller, Atkins Farms is an adorable marketplace in its own right that offers tons of well-priced, local produce. If you are interested in being socially and environmentally-conscious like most of us out in Western Massachusetts, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting both a local grocery business and local Massachusetts farmers! While the weather is still nice, Atkins Farms also runs its own ice-cream shop located toward the back of the building. They don't have the widest flavor selection possible, but it is a cute place to hang out with friends or on a date in town! After placing and getting your order from the ice cream window, they have plenty of bench seating surrounded by flowers so you can sit and enjoy your ice cream with a nice view. 


Whether it's your first time in Amherst or you've been familiar with the area for years, definitely make a point to checkout Atkins Farms during your future visits to UMass!


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