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Travel manual is only available as an on-line resource.

The Controller’s Office has changed the delivery of the Travel Manual from multiple links to a single document. The current document’s table of contents is indexed. A single click on a topic will bring you directly to that section of the manual. The document may also be searched using the ‘find’ command.

Much of the content has not changed with a few key exceptions:

  • Per diem for travel in Mexico and Canada
  • Added information about the Fly America Act
  • Ability to approve travel with an electronic signature

If you have any questions or notice missing topics please contact Sean Martin at 545-3341.

Recent Travel Memorandums

Travel Authorization Forms

Travel Links:

International Travel Insurance Information

Research & Engagement - Export Controls

OIT Foreign Travel Laptop Program

Controller's Office - Fly America Act

Fly America Act and Open Skies Agreements (Policy) / (Tree) / (Form)

National Counter Intelligence - Travel Tips re Electronic Devices

U.S. Department of State - International Travel Information including Travel Warning Countries



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