The University provides a no-fee, individual liability Corporate Travel card to employees who travel frequently on university business as a payment vehicle for reimbursable expenses.

The objectives of the University Corporate Travel card program are:

The Corporate Travel card provides many important features both to the employee and to the University. In addition to worldwide acceptance, it provides car rental insurance under most conditions at no cost, and is the method to obtain cash for out-of-pocket expenses that cannot be made on the Corporate Travel card. In addition, it facilitates payment of travel and business expenses and provides essential travel data to the University.


Use of the Corporate TRAVEL card

Corporate Travel cards are for University travel and approved business expenses only. Personal charges may not be made on the VISA card. The VISA monthly statement is due and payable in full each month. Cardholders are responsible for the charges made to their cards and for maintaining their accounts in good standing. The University receives information on delinquent accounts.


Corporate TRAVEL card Services and Benefits

Please refer to Corporate Travel card Services and Benefits included with the Corporate Travel card information packet issued with new cards or visit the Procurement and Campus Services web site for : 


Reimbursement for Corporate TRAVEL card Expenses

Refer to Payment of Travel Expenses


Applications for Corporate Travel cards may be obtained online at



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