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Adding A New Vendor

All vendors doing business with or providing a service to the University must complete and return an original W-9 to Accounts Payable or Procurement.

Exception: The IRS will allow the University to accept a faxed copy of a W-9 as a substitute for an original, PROVIDED the top of the fax bears a fax imprint of the name AND fax number of the vendor. The original must follow.

For payment of foreign non-resident alien individuals the W-9 should not be used, please see the Foreign Visitors portion of this web site

Names and FEI's

The vendor will be set up in the vendor file using the name, address and FEI or SSN provided on their completed W-9. If there is more than one payee or the account is in more than one name, on the first name line enter only the name of the recipient whose FEI or SSN is shown on the W-9. For sole proprietors, show the individual's name first and then the name of the business, you may not enter only the business name. Sole proprietors may use either the individual's SSN or the FEI of the business.


To establish a vendor code for a student, simply Fax (413-545-3144) or Email their name, legal address, and Spire ID to the Accounts Payable Vendor File Maintenance.  Please note that due to Internal Revenue Service regulations, employees and students are only allowed refund and reimbursement payments through Accounts Payable, any other type of payment must be processed through Human Resources.




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