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Procard Audit Policy

The Procard empowers the cardholder. YOU (the cardholder) are responsible to safeguard and protect the university's assets. With this empowerment comes of course responsibility. Any fraudulent or improper misuse of the Procard will cause disciplinary action/s against the cardholder to occur. So, anyone feeling pressured into inproper use should contact the Procard Manager for assistance.

Post-Audit Review Team (PART) performs examinations on all cardholders on an on-going basis. It's benevolent function is to assist the cardholder in avoiding non-compliance issues should an Internal, State, or Federal Audit be conducted.

The way it works is simple. PART will schedule an audit examination. Upon completion of the review the cardholder will receive the results of the audit through an audit report. The Auditor will also discuss all non-compliance issues with the Records Manager. Any audit findings (non-compliance issues) will addressed through issuance of an affidavit. All records must then be adjusted accordingly and all affidavits returned to the controller office. PART will conduct re-visit at an individual cardholder level. If continued non-compliance is found a written warning will be issued specifiing a reduction of current limits or the warning of possible revocation of the card. If Blatant non-compliance of uncooperative attitude persist immediate revocation of the Procard will occur.








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