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Why is my invoice not paid?

A/P requires several items on an invoice to ensure proper payment.

  • Invoices should be mailed to

Accounts Payable

Controller's Office

University of Massachusetts / Amherst

405 Goodell Building

Amherst, MA 01003


  • Invoices should have:
      • Name of Vendor
      • Payment Remit Address of Vendor
      • Valid Purchase Order Number (extremely important)

        examples of valid purchase order numbers:

        • UMass Amherst Purchase Orders start 0001 and consist of 10 digits.
        • Auxiliary Service Purchase Orders start with N.
        • Department who placed the order and contact name of person who placed the order are helpful.
      • Contact Name within the department who ordered is also helpful.

If your invoice is missing a valid purchase order number this will delay your payment due to the fact that the invoice will then need to be researched.

What is this check for?

    • Please try to provide the Accounts Payable Department with all the information that is on the check stub/summary. A/P will look the information up for you.



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