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Certain forms may require Adobe Reader.
(Click on the Form Link to select version download).

Disbursement Voucher Form - For Account Codes other than 7XXXXX

* Use Direct Payment Form in BuyWays for Direct Payments that have Account Code equal to 7XXXXX.

This form is used to make payments without a Purchase Order. The following can be paid on a disbursement voucher: Refunds, Student Support, Retirement Taxes, Business Expenses, Referrals, Bank Payments, Postage, Books, Periodicals and Subscriptions, Memberships, Royalties, In-State Travel, Ledger-9, Advertisements, Arbitration, Human Subject, Collections and Prizes.

Disbursement Voucher Form (Microsoft Excel format)
Disbursement Voucher Form (Adobe Pdf format)

Please Email the above DV Forms (Not the DV form in BuyWays) with Receipts/Attachments to dvouchers@admin.umass.edu

Business Expense Form

For information regarding use of this form, please refer to the business expense policy.

Business Expense Approval Form (Microsoft Excel format)
Business Expense Approval Form (Adobe Pdf format)

Business expense policy

Human Subject Participant Advance Settlement Form

Human Subject Participant Advance Settlement Form (Microsoft Word format)
Human Subject Participant Advance Settlement Form (Adobe Pdf format)

Journal Entry Form

The journal entry form is used to transfer expense from one chartfield/speedtype to another.

Journal Entry Form (Microsoft Excel format)
Journal Entry Form (Adobe Pdf format)


For Travel $300 or greater with an overnight stay.

Pre-Travel Authorization (Word format)
Pre-Travel Authorization (Adobe Pdf format)

Signature Delegation Form

The signature delegation form is used to authorize individuals to have signature authority for a fund for a period of time.

Signature Delegation Form (Microsoft Excel format)
Signature Delegation Form (Adobe Pdf format)

Single Payment Voucher Form

This form is used to make a refund payment only for a one-time vendor without having to create and store the vendor in the system.

Single payment vendor vouchers have restrictions:
- No prepayment.
- No receivables/payables netting.
- No withholding.
- No matching.
- No document tolerance checking.
- Only one payment schedule per voucher.
- No wire transfers.

REFUNDS - Single Payment Voucher Form (Adobe Pdf format)

REIMBURSEMENT - Single Payment Voucher Form (Adobe PDF fillable format)

This form is used when making a Reimbursement payment to a "US Resident" Non Employee one time vendor.

Wire Transfer Form

The wire transfer form is used to wire funds to international banks. A valid Purchase Order is required in order to transfer funds.

Wire Transfer Form (Adobe Pdf format)




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