BSG Current Research Interests

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Vocabulary and conceptual development in bilingual children, studies at 1-2 years of age,preschool 3-5, first grade, and first through sixth grade.

Assessment instruments for bilingual children; work so far on the PPVT/TVIP, SAT, EOWPVT, SICD, articulation tests, phonological awareness, narrative abilities in two languages.

Earliest phonological differentiation in the speech of young bilinguals.

Cross-linguistic comparisons, both between groups of children and within individual children on developmental measures in the two languages.

Comparison of linguistic measures to other cognitive measures; predictive power of linguistic milestones (canonical babbling, first words, first word combinations, etc.).

Educational impact of bilingualism.

Social dimensions of bilingual development (extent and degree of proficiency in the two languages in local subgroups; relative social status of the Hispanic community).