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The DIAGNOSTIC EVALUATION OF LANGUAGE VARIATION (DELV) has been created so that speakers of non-mainstream dialects will not be penalized for the use of those dialects in the language testing situation. The DELV Screener and DELV-Criterion Referenced edition were standardized in 2002 and published in spring 2003. A norm-referenced edition, standardized on a nationwide sample of African American children ages 4 to 9, will be published in July 2005 by

The Psychological Corporation (TPC) of San Antonio, TX.

For general information about TPC and the DSLT, consult their website at at



See a TPC announcement of the DELV Screening Test and DELV Criterion Reference Test published in the Asha Leader, October 5, 2004, p. 7.

For specific information about the DELV and how you can be involved in the fieldtesting, please contact research coordinator, Lois Ciolli.


The Acknowledgements Pages for the DELV tests are linked here, for those who would like a more complete listing of the many collaborators for the project.


For other information about the UMass NIH Working Group affiliates, contact Project Manager,
Barbara Zurer Pearson, Ph.D., Dept. of Communication Disorders, Arnold House 117, U Mass, Amherst MA 01003. Tel: 413-545-5023. Fax: 413-545-0803.


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