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Consultants' Visit with Toya Wyatt


Toya Wyatt
Barbara Pearson, Peter de Villiers, JIll de Villiers, Harry Seymour (back to camera)
Tom Roeper
Tim Bryant

Frances Burns
Charlena M. Seymour & Lisa Selkirk (faces to camera)
Peter de Villiers, Marsha Bryant & Caroline Jones (faces to camera)

Peter de Villiers & Jill de Villiers
Frances Burns, Peter de Villiers & Charlena Seymour
Jill de Villiers & Lisa Selkirk

Christina Foreman, Harry Seymour & Frances Burns (foreground)
Peter de Villiers

Bill Labov visits the Linguistics Grad Students and spends the morning with the NIH Working Groups.

Bill Labov, Shelley Velleman (hidden),Lisa Selkirk, Mike Terry,Harry Seymour, & Frances Burns
Peter de Villiers (far left), Shelley Velleman, Lisa Selkirk & Harry Seymour
Peter de Villiers, Barbara Pearson,
Jill de Villiers (hidden),
Tom Roeper & Bill Labov