Composers, Music, and Song
Composers, Music, and Song
A Record of Dramatic Performances at a Leading Victorian Theatre
Formerly the Sans Pareil (1806-1819), later the Adelphi (1819-1900)
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Composers, Music, and Song


Composers, Music, and Song: Introduction

The Adelphi, when born as the Sans Pareil, had a license by 1809 to perform musical entertainments, pantomimes and burlettas.  The last of these was a form of drama no one was anxious to define.  The word meant "a little joke" and had entered English as a term for Italian comic opera but, by the early Nineteenth Century, had become an umbrella term for a variety of productions with only one common element—music.  Music accompanied action; songs were included, but, at first, there was no agreement on how many of them constituted a burletta.  Numbers ranged from five per act to a total of six overall.  Initially, there was no spoken dialogue (that was the province of the Patent Theatres, Drury Lane and Covent Garden), which suited the ambitious Jane Scott, who wanted a stage for her particular talents—singing and dancing.  However, when Daniel Terry and Frederick Yates purchased the theatre in 1825, they promised "to place its entertainments on a higher footing than they have hitherto occupied."  They intended to produce spoken dramas with less music.

As the century progressed, there was a growing tendency to "front load" a piece with music and then graduate to the spoken word, presumably in the hope the censor would grow bored.  Nevertheless, the Adelphi was never without music.  In 1824, the orchestra consisted of some forty members.  Melodramatic music might be advertised as "entirely new," but there isn't enough evidence to test the veracity of the claim.  What is certain is that a great deal of "cobbling up" of appropriate music took place.  Nevertheless, when Edward Fitzball joined the Adelphi Company in 1825, he teamed up with George Herbert Rodwell to form a partnership (almost half a century before the most famous, and quarrelsome, partnership of them all—Gilbert and Sullivan).  Rodwell produced a great deal of music before his death in 1852.  Many of his songs and some scores written for Adelphi productions survive, but it not a great deal considering his prominence and industry—he composed seventy-five pieces for the Adelphi and was author of seven farces and a melodrama.

Songs were very popular until the 1877 season, after which their numbers dropped significantly.  This falling away was due, in part, to the nature of the evening's performance.  When the entertainment consisted of a single piece, there was little time or inclination to add songs or dances.  And, of course, there had long been no need to add music to avoid the censor's reach.  The Theatres Act of 1843 curbed the Lord Chamberlain's powers but did not remove them all.

Songs were sometimes accompanied by their composer's names, but this was far from standard practice.  Some are well known even today—"Home Sweet Home" by Henry Bishop and John Payne, "I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls" Michael W. Balfe, "Hot Codlins" composed by John Whitaker, lyrics by Charles Dibdin Jr., and "Cherry Ripe"—words by Robert Herrick and music by Charles Edward Horn.  A few songs were by foreign composers, but native talent was up to the challenge.  Terms for songs are usually self-explanatory: duet, finale, canzonet, Irish lilt, glee, chorus, comic song, ballad, patriotic song, wine song, and so forth.  The user might be surprised to learn the author of Britain's national anthem is disputed.

There was considerable interest in the Yankee and Irish cousins.  In 1857, a "new Yankee song" called "Pesky Ike" was performed and the following season "Yankee Fixins."  Even more popular was Thomas D. Rice's "Jump, Jim Crow."  Rice appeared in blackface and tattered clothes dancing and singing the song said to have been inspired by a crippled enslaved man called either Jim Cuff or Jim Crow.  Although Rice did not invent the minstrel show, he helped popularize it, perhaps without realizing the harm it would cause.  The dance and performance pandered to the current belief in the racial superiority of the white race, portraying African Americans as happy-go-lucky buffoons—superstitious and lazy but devoted to music and dancing.

Henry Mayhew, in London Labour and London Poor, notes: "The grand hit of the evening is always when a song is sung to which the entire gallery can join in the chorus.  Then a deep silence prevails through the stanzas.  Should any burst in before his time, a shout of "orda-a-r is raised" (I, 19).  Nineteenth-century theatre remained a shared experience—at least until the mid-seventies.

What is, perhaps, most surprising about the music at the Adelphi, an "illegitimate" theatre with origins in song and dance, was the sheer amount of classical music included in performances.  Solos on various instruments included the cornet, clarinet, harp, and piano-flageolet.  A random selection from July 1831 reveals overtures by Romberg, Mozart, Rossini, Halévy, Winter, Mehul, Herold, Beethoven, and Handel.  Musical selections in 1862 included Hayden's 5th Symphony, valses from "Sylvester Träume" by Joseph Labitsky, the "Artistic Quadrille" by Jules Rivière and "La Marseilles," arranged by Alfred Mellon.  Johann Strauss, Jr. was immensely popular, as were Franz von Suppé and Arthur Sullivan (in the last decade of the century).  There was certainly no lack of interest in classical music at the Adelphi as the Twentieth Century dawned.

Composers, Music, and Song: Index



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A B C Polka, The (Music); See Heinsdorff, V. G. (Composer)

à Beckett, Mrs. Gilbert A. (Composer)

Abend in Toledo, Ein (Music); See Schemeling, Martin (Composer)

Abrams, Miss (Composer)

Accelerationen (Music); See Strauss, Johann, Jr. (Composer)

Acclamations (Music); See Waldteufel, Emile (Composer)

Adam, Adolphe C. (Composer)

Adams, Stephen (Composer)

Addison (Composer)

Adelphi My Beloved (to The Pilgrim of Love ) (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Adelphi polka (Music); See Mellon, Alfred (Composer)

Admired ballad (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Admired song (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Admired Welsh air (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Advice to Young Persons about to Marry (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Affecting ditty (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Ah! Balmy Peace (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Ah! Can I E'er Forget (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Ah Me, I Scarce Can Mention It (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Ah Me, We Dare Not (Song); See Calcott, John F. (Composer)

Ah! No, 'Twas No Enchanting Dream (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Ah! Yes, As in the Play (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Aileen Mavourneen (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Ainsworth, W. Harrison (Composer)

Alarm (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Albion's Queen (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Alesandro Stradella (Music); See Flotow, Friedrich F. (Composer)

Alexandra (Music); See Stenebrugen (Composer)

All in the Downs the Fleet was Moored (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

All's Well (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

All Souls Day (Music); See Lassen, Eduard (Composer)

Ambassadrice, L' (Music); See Auber, Daniel F. (Composer)

Amelie (Music); See Lumbye, Hans C. (Composer)

American (Music); See Sprake, Henry (Composer)

Amor Perchè Mi Pizzichi (Song); See Fioravanti, Valentino (Composer)

Amorous Justice (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Andrews, Miles P. (Composer)

Anna Bolena: Vivi Tu (Music); See Bellini, Vincenzo (Composer)

Anna (Music); See Legendre, J. (Composer)

Annen (Music); See Strauss, Johann, Jr. (Composer)

Annie Laurie (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Antilope, Die (Music); See Gungl, Herr Joseph (Composer)

Apollo (Music); See Gungl, Herr Joseph (Composer)

Armagh Assizes (Song); See Mathews, Charles (Composer)

Arne, Thomas Augustine (Composer)

Arrah-na-Pogue (Music); See Levey, William C. (Composer)

Arrah's Song (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Art! Lov'd, Divine (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Artistic Quadrille (Music); See Riviere, Jules P. (Composer)

Artists, The (Music); See Strauss, Johann, Jr. (Composer)

Artists (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Artus, Mons. Amedee (Composer)

Artusklange (Music); See Gungl, Herr Joseph (Composer)

As Burns the Charger (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Ascher, Joseph (Composer)

Asgard: The Lyre (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Ask Me Not Why (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Astley's Amphitheatre (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

At Thy Shrine, Daughter of the Graces (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Atkins (Composer)

Attila (Music); See Godfrey, Daniel, Jr. (Composer)

Au Bord du Mer (Music); See Dunkler, Mons. Emile (Composer)

Au Clair de Lune (Music); See Fahrbach, Philipp (Composer)

Au Jeu Mes Amis (Song); See Halévy, Mons. J. Fromental (Composer)

Auber, Daniel F. (Composer)

Aubert, Jacques (Composer)

Auction Mart (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Audibert (Composer)

Audran, Edmond (Composer)

Auld Lang Syne (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Autumn (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Auvray, George (Composer)

Aux Feux Scintillants des Etoiles (Song); See Halévy, Mons. J. Fromental (Composer)

Away, Away, to the Mountain's Brow (Song); See Waylett, Mrs. Harriett (Composer)

Away with all Water Wherever I Come (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)



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Babylonia (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Bacchanalian Barcarole (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Bacchus and Love (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Badnall, R. (Composer)

Badnall, R. (Lyricist)

Baffled Knight, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Bag of Nails, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Bagatelle (Music); See Waldteufel, Emile (Composer)

Baker, Thomas (Composer)

Bal de la Mode, Le (Music); See Bosisio, Sig. (Composer)

Balance of Straw (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Balfe, Michael W. (Composer)

Balfour, Theo (Composer)

Ball Klange (Music); See Lumbye, Hans C. (Composer)

Ballinafad (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Bamboula (Music); See Metra, Olivier J. (Composer)

Banco Regis; or, Tandem Broke Loose (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Banditenstreiche (Music); See Suppe, Herr Franz (Composer)

Banjo duet (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Banners of Blue, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Barbe Bleue (Music); See Godfrey, Daniel (Composer)

Barber of Seville, The (Music); See Rossini, Gioacchino A. (Composer); Riviere, Jules P. (Arranger)

Barbiere di Seviglia, Il (Music); See Rossini, Gioacchino A. (Composer)

Barcarolle, La (Music); See Aubert, Jacques (Composer)

Barn dance (Music); See Crook, John (Composer)

Barnard, J. (Composer)

Barney Fillbag (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Barratt (Composer)

Bartholomew Fair (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Basquit, H. (Composer)

Battle of Killiecrankie, The (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Battle of Vittoria, The (Music); See Schoengen, Herr Michael (Composer)

Bavarian Broom Girl's Song, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Bay of Biscay O! The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Bay of Dublin (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Beadle of the Parish, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Beautiful Bessy (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Beautiful Biddy of Sligo (Song); See Hudson, Thomas (Lyricist); Blewitt, Jonathan (Composer)

Beautiful Danube (Music); See Strauss, Johann, Jr. (Composer)

Beautiful Isle of the Sea (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Beautiful Star (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Beck, Alphons (Composer)

Beethoven, Herr Ludwig van (Composer)

Beggars and Ballad Singers (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Behold, Behold, Oh Agonising Sight (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Belfast (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Belle Gipsy, La (Music); See Bosisio, Sig. (Composer)

Belle Helene, La (Music); See Offenbach, Jacques (Composer)

Belle Normandi, The (Song); See Mellon, Alfred (Composer)

Belle of New York (Music); See Kerker, Gustave A. (Composer)

Belle Poule, La (Music); See Bosisio, Sig. (Composer)

Belles Upon the Wind (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Bellini, Vincenzo (Composer)

Bells of Haslemere, The (Music); See Sprake, Henry (Composer)

Bells upon the Wind (Song); See Lee, G. Alexander (Composer)

Ben the Bo'sun (Song); See Watson, Michael (Composer)

Benedict, Julius (Composer)

Bengali, The (Music); See Bougnol, Leopold (Composer)

Berceuse Ecossaise (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Bersaglieri (Music); See Eilenberg, Richard (Composer)

Best of All Friends is a Bottle, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Biangini (Composer)

Bicester Hunt, The (Music); See Auber, Daniel F. (Composer)

Bid Me Discourse (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Billy O'Rourke (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Billy's Rose (Song); See Sims, George R. (Composer)

Billy Taylor (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Binding, E. (Composer)

Bird that Came in the Spring, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Bishop, Henry R. (Composer)

Bizet, Georges (Composer)

Black-Eyed Susan (Music); See Crook, John (Composer)

Black-Eyed Susan (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Black Sheep None the Worse Mutton (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Blanchard, Edward L. (Composer)

Blaze Away (Song); See Mellon, Alfred (Composer)

Blessing and a Tear, A (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Blewitt, Jonathan (Composer)

Blon, Herr Franz von (Composer)

Bloomer Song, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Blue Tail'd Fly, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Blumenthal, Jacob (Composer)

Boarding School Play, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Bob Pointer, the Dunstable Coachman; or, How to Drive Two Stages at One Time (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Bobbing Around (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Boccaccio (Music); See Suppe, Herr Franz (Composer)

Bochsa, Robert N. C. (Composer)

Boggetti, E. (Composer)

Bohemian Girl, The (Music); See Strauss, Johann, Jr. (Arranger)

Boieldieu, Francis A. (Composer)

Bold Dragoon, The (Song); See Johnson (Composer)

Bologna Sausage Boy (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Bonhomme Dimanche, Le (Music); See Musard, Philipe (Composer)

Bonnie Dundee (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Bonnisseau, Mons. Fereric (Composer)

Bonny Lad (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Bosc, Auguste (Composer)

Bosisio, Sig. (Composer)

Bottle Imp, The (Music); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Bougnol, Leopold (Composer)

Bouillon, Mons. Pierre (Composer)

Boulanger, Ernest (Composer)

Bould Sodger Boy, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Boulevardier (Music); See Williams, Warwick (Composer)

Bound 'Prentice to a Coasting Ship (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Bound 'Prentice to a Waterman (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Bouquet, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Bousquet, Narcisse (Composer)

Boustet, Mons. Edouard (Composer)

Boy of Ballynavogue, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Boys of Kilkenny Are Nate Rovin' Blades, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Boys of the Irish Brigade, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Boys Together (Music); See Crook, John (Composer)

Brandy Duet (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Bravura song (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Brepsant, Mons. Engebert (Composer)

Brewer of Preston, The (Music); See Adam, Adolphe C. (Composer)

Brides of Garryowen, The = Colleen Bawn, The (Music)

Bright Beams the Merry Day (Song); See Bishop, Henry R. (Composer)

Brighton Quadrille, The (Music); See Mellon, Alfred (Composer)

Britannia Rules the Waves (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

British Flag (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

British Navy, The (Music); See Sprake, Henry (Composer)

Brother's Lullaby, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Bucalossi, Ernest (Composer)

Bucks Have at Ye All! (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Buffalo Girls (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Bulbul's Lament to the Rose, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Bull, John (Composer)

Bunch of Berries, The (Song); See Ellis, Edwin (Composer)

Bunhill Row Courtship; or, Love and Sausages (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Burlesque (Music); See Musgrave, Frank (Composer)

Butcher of Brixton, The = Love and the Treading Mill (Song)



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Cabinet, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Caid, Le (Music); See Thomas, C. Ambroise (Composer)

Calcott, John F. (Composer)

Calife de Bagdad, Le (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Callcott, William H. (Composer)

Caller Herrin' (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Calypso (Music); See Winter (Composer)

Camp, The (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Campanologian Band (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Caprice (Music); See Green, Thomas (Composer)

Captain Clark (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Carmen (Music); See Bizet, Georges (Composer)

Carnival Secrets (Music); See Fetras, Oscar (Composer)

Carpenter's Daughter was Fair and Free, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Casket of Rubies (Music); See Bonnisseau, Mons. Fereric (Composer)

Catch Me Again If You Can (Song); See Blewitt, Jonathan (Composer)

Cavalleria Rusticana (Music); See Mascagni, Pietro (Composer)

Cavatina: andante introduction, recitative, slow air (Music); See Mozart, Herr Wolfgang A. (Composer)

Cave, J. H. (Composer)

Celebrated railroad overture (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Cellier (Composer)

Chalet, Le (Music); See Adam, Adolphe C. (Composer); Riviere, Jules P. (Arranger)

Chanson de Musette, La (Song); See Thome, Francois (Composer)

Chants du Voyager (Music); See Paderewski, Ignacy J. (Composer)

Chaperons Blancs, Les (Music); See Auber, Daniel F. (Composer)

Chapter of Accidents, A (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Characteristique (Music); See Donizetti, D. Gaetano (Composer)

Charmes de la Vie, Les (Music); See Bousquet, Narcisse (Composer)

Charming Rosabelle (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter! (Song); See Blewitt, Jonathan (Composer)

Cherry Cheek'd Patty (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Cherry Ripe (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Cherubini, M. Luigi (Composer)

Chez Nous (Music); See Dias, Gustave (Composer)

Children of the Ghetto (Music); See Furst, William W. (Composer)

Chinese Charivari (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Chip Chow (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Chit-Chat (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Chopin, Frederick F. (Composer)

Chough and the Crow, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Christening in Aldermanbury, A (Song); See Mathews, Charles (Composer)

Christina (Music); See Godfrey, Daniel, Jr. (Composer)

Christine Nilsson Strauss (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Christmas Comes But Once a Year (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Churchwarden's Dinner (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Cigale, La (Music); See Audran, Edmond (Composer)

Circassienne, La (Music); See Auber, Daniel F. (Composer)

Clan Campbell (Music); See Vandervell, W. (Composer)

Clarke, J. Hamilton (Composer)

Clown and His Neddy, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Clutsam, George H. (Composer)

Cobler and the Goose, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Cohen, L. (Composer)

Colleen Bawn, The; or, The Brides of Garryowen (Music); See Baker, Thomas (Composer)

Colomb, Captain John C. (Composer)

Colombe, La (Music); See Gounod, Charles F. (Composer)

Come Back to Erin (Music); See Musgrave, Frank (Composer)

Come Back to Erin (Song); See Musgrave, Frank (Composer)

Come, Confess to Me (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Come Down to the Lattice (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Come Dwell With Me (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Come Momus Come, With Joyous Mien (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Come O'er the Rolling Wave (Song); See Pilati, Auguste (Composer)

Come Return with Me, Renew Thine Airy Form (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Come Sail with Me in My Fairy Boat (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Come to Me in Cherry Time (Song); See Mollenhauer, Edward (Composer); Morris, George F. (Lyricist)

Come Where the Aspens Quiver (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Come, Who's for the Packet? (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Comic medley (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Comic song (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Comic songs (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Coming Thro the Rye (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Comtesse Swievkowska (Music); See Strauss, Johann (Composer)

Concurrenzen (Music); See Strauss, Johann, Jr. (Composer)

Conradi, August (Composer)

Convent Bells, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Cooke, Thomas S. (Composer)

Coote, Charles (Composer)

Coote, Charles, Jr. (Composer)

Cork-cutter's Festival, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Corn Flower, The (Music); See Coote, Charles (Composer)

Cornet a piston solo (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Cornet solo (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Cosmetic Doctor, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Cosmopolite (Music); See Tellam (Composer)

Cotton King, The (Music); See Jones, Edward (Composer)

Country Bumpkin (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Country Concert, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Coupe Enchantee, La (Music); See Herman, A. (Composer)

Courtier Winks (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Craven, John T. (Composer)

Crescendo Galop (Music); See Bosisio, Sig. (Composer)

Crook, John (Composer)

Crooskeen Lawn (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Cross's Menagerie (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Crouch, F. Nicholls (Composer)

Crown of Flowers Redowa (Music); See Bousquet, Narcisse (Composer)

Cruiskeen Lawn, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Crying Jenny and Laughing Johnny (Music); See Offenbach, Jacques (Composer)

Cup of Wine from the Juicy Vine, A (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Cupid's Eyes (Song); See Mellon, Alfred (Composer)

Cynthia (Music); See Crook, John (Composer)

Cyprus We'll Drink in Cyprus Wine (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Czardas (Music); See GustaveMichiels (Composer)

Czardaska (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)



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d'Albert, Charles L. (Composer)

D'Un Tenor Pour Tout Faire (Music); See Robillard, Victor (Composer)

Dalkeith Palace Walzer (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Daly, Miss Julia (Composer)

Dame Blanche, La (Music); See Boieldieu, Francis A. (Composer)

Dance it Lightly (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Dance to the Merry Castanette (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Dancing romance (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Dandy Dog's Meat Man (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Danish Hymn, The (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Dansante (Music); See Tschakoff, Ivan (Composer)

Danse Afrique (Music); See Tschakoff, Ivan (Composer)

Danse Antique (Music); See Hume, I. Ord (Composer)

Danse de Satyrs (Music); See Le Thière, Charles (Composer)

Danse des Lazzarones (Music); See Maquet, H. (Composer)

Danse Romanian (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Darby Kelly (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Dark Blue Sea, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Darkest Hour is the Hour Before Day, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Darling (Music); See Auvray, George (Composer)

Dash (Music); See Wiegand, George (Composer)

Dashing White Serjeant, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Dat's Vats de Matter Mit Jacob (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Dat Toy Harmonie (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

de Costa, Mario (Composer)

De Englishman is Very Brave (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

de Laborde, Alexandre (Composer)

De Phantom Dancers (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Dead Heart, The (Music); See Mellon, Alfred (Composer)

Deadman's Point (Music); See Ellis, Edwin (Composer)

Dear Oscar, I Am Thine Alone (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Death of Nelson, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Death Thou Art Welcome (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Debaten (Music); See Gungl, Herr Joseph (Composer)

Defend, Defend Cornaro's Wrong (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Delights of Newgate (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Demons of Vengeance and Demons of Blood (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Dennis Callahan's Description of the Seven Ages of Man (Song); See Barratt (Composer)

Deplace, A. (Composer)

Description of a Ballet (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Description of a Storm (Song); See Stevens, George A. (Composer)

Description of a Sunday Concert (Song); See Blewitt, Jonathan (Composer)

Desormes, Louis Cesar (Composer)

Deux Aveugles de Toledo, Les (Music); See Mehul, Etienne Nicolas (Composer)

Deux Nuits, Les (Music); See Beethoven, Herr Ludwig van (Composer)

Dewinne, Henri (Arranger)

Di Tanti Palpiti (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Diable a Quatre, Le (Music); See Lamotta, A. (Composer)

Dias, Gustave (Composer)

Dibdin, Charles (Composer)

Dibdin, Charles I. (Composer)

Did You Ne'er Hear of a Jolly Young Waterman? (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Dindonne (Composer)

Dinorah (Music); See Meyerbeer, Giacomo J. (Composer)

Distant Bells (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Dixy's Land (Music); See Coote, Charles (Composer)

Doctrinen (Music); See Strauss, Johann, III (Composer)

Dolce Concento (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Domino Noir, Le (Music); See Auber, Daniel F. (Composer)

Don Giovanni (Music); See Mozart, Herr Wolfgang A. (Composer)

Don Giovanni (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Don Juan (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Don Pasquale: serenade (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Don Pasquale (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Doncaster Races (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Donizetti, D. Gaetano (Composer)

Doppler, Karl (Composer)

Dora (Music); See Ellis, Edwin (Composer)

Dorothy (Music); See Cellier (Composer)

Down by the Stream (Song); See Linley, George (Composer)

Dragons de Villars, Les (Music); See Maillart, Aime (Composer)

Dragoon's March, The (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Drames du Cabaret, Les (Music); See Artus, Mons. Amedee (Composer)

Dream of Love (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Drink, Oh Drink, the Ghosts Are All Gone (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Droop not Fair One (Song); See Lee, G. Alexander (Composer)

Drops of Brandy (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Duetto buffo (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Dunkler, Mons. Emile (Composer)

Durham (Music); See Wustermann (Composer)



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Each Bower Has Beauty for Me (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Echo Song, The (Song); See Bishop, Henry R. (Composer)

Echo (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Echoes of the Lakes: Dermot Astore (Song); See Crouch, F. Nicholls (Composer)

Echoes of the Lakes: Kathleen Mavoureen (Song); See Crouch, F. Nicholls (Composer)

Edinburgh Town (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Eilenberg, Richard (Composer)

Election, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Eley (Arranger)

Elgar, Edward W. (Composer)

Elise (Music); See Winter (Composer)

Elisire D'Amore, L' (Music); See Bosisio, Sig. (Composer)

Ellen Asthore (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Elliot, E. J. (Composer)

Ellis, Edwin (Composer)

Elsen, L. (Composer)

Elsie (Music); See Godfrey, Daniel, Jr. (Composer)

En Route (Music); See Olma, Carl (Composer)

Enfant Prodigue, L' (Music); See Wormser, Andre A. (Composer)

Enfin Seuls! (Music); See Fechner, Auguste M. (Composer)

England's King and England's Glory (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

English Airs (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

English Rose, An (Music); See Sprake, Henry (Composer)

Entirely new comic song (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Entr'acte music (Music); See Ellis, Edwin (Composer)

Epping Hunt (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Epsom Races (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Erin Go Bragh (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Erin (Music); See Basquit, H. (Composer)

Erinnerung auf Dresden (Music); See Gungl, Herr Joseph (Composer)

Ernani (Music); See Verdi, Sig. Guiseppe F. (Composer); Riviere, Jules P. (Arranger)

Esmeralda (Music); See Herman, A. (Composer)

Ethiopian serenade (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Evans (Composer)

Evening Star (Music); See Jones, Edward (Composer)

Evergreen (Music); See Labitzky, Joseph (Composer)

Exactly What It Ought To Be (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Excelsior Polka (Music); See Frewin, Edwin (Composer)

Excelsior Polka (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Exciseman, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Exile's Lament (Music); See Koenig, Herman (Composer)



Top    A    B    C    D    E    F    G    H    I    J    K    L    M    N    O    P    Q    R    S    T    U    V    W    X    Y    Z    End

Fackeltanz (Music); See Langey, Otto (Composer)

Fackletanz (Music); See Elliot, E. J. (Composer)

Fahrbach, Philipp (Composer)

Fairy Bells (Music); See Riviere, Jules P. (Composer)

Fairy Queen (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Falconer, Edmund (Lyricist)

Falstaff (Music); See Nicolai, C. Otto (Composer)

Famous Man Was Robin Hood, A (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Fanfare Militaire (Music); See Ascher, Joseph (Composer)

Fantasia Aragonaise (Music); See Fossey, L. (Composer)

Fantasia On Airs from the Opera of La Donna del Lago (Music); See Thalberg, Herr Sigismond (Composer)

Fantasia on Scottish Melodies (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Fantasia on the Pianoforte (Music); See Maddison, George W. (Composer)

Fantasia (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Farewell to Lochaber (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Farewell Ye Rory Tories (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Fashions, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Fatal Card, The (Music); See Jones, Edward (Composer)

Fatal Great Coat, The; or, Thimble Buttoned Up (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Faust, Carl (Composer)

Faust (Music); See Strauss, Johann, Jr. (Composer)

Favarger, René (Composer)

Favorite airs (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Favorite aria (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Favorite ballad (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Favorite Irish song (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Favorite, La (Music); See Donizetti, D. Gaetano (Composer)

Favorite sonata (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Favorite song (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Favorite songs (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Favorite Vauxhall song (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Favourite ballad (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Favourite song (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Fechner, Auguste M. (Composer)

Fee Tapage, La (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Fee Tapage Quadrille, Le (Music); See Metra, Olivier J. (Composer)

Fete d'Enghien (Music); See Bousquet, Narcisse (Composer)

Fetras, Oscar (Composer)

Fiancee, La (Music); See Auber, Daniel F. (Composer)

Fiances, Les (Music); See Coote, Charles (Composer)

Figaro (Music); See Mozart, Herr Wolfgang A. (Composer)

Fill Up, Let Joy and Mirth Abound (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Fille de Madame Angot, La (Music); See Lecocq, A. Charles (Composer)

Fille du Regiment, La (Music); See Musard, Philipe (Composer)

Finale, chorus (Song); See Calcott, John F. (Composer)

Finale to the Lancers' Quadrille (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Fine Old English Ale (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Fine Old English Gentleman, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Fine Young English Gentleman, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Fingal's Cave (Music); See Mendelssohn, Felix (Composer)

Fioravanti, Valentino (Composer)

Fireman Waterman, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

First Vid de Grace Extraordinaire (Song); See Herbert, George B. (Composer)

Fitzwilliam, Edward F. (Composer)

Flaming O'Flannigans, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Flandre, La (Music); See Bouillon, Mons. Pierre (Composer)

Flick and Flock (Music); See Hertel, Peter L. (Composer)

Florence, William J. (Composer)

Flotow, Friedrich F. (Composer)

Flow Thou Regal Purple Stream (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Flowers of the Forest, The (Music); See Mellon, Alfred (Composer)

Flowers to Strew and Garlands to Twine (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Flugschriften (Music); See Strauss, Johann, Jr. (Composer)

Flute selections (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Flute solo (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Fly Duet (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Fly Zuric, Fly (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Flying Dutchman, The (Music); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Flying Scud (Music); See Richardson (Composer)

Folies Champetre, Les (Music); See Pessiere, E. (Composer)

Follow, Follow, My True Lover (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

For Ever and Ever (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Forester's Glee (from The Rake ) The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Forget Her Not (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Forget Me Not (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Forlorn and Broken-hearted (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Formosa (Music); See Levey, William C. (Composer)

Forty Thieves, The (Music); See Glover, James M. (Composer)

Forward (Music); See Doppler, Karl (Composer)

Fossey, L. (Composer)

Foster, W. (Composer)

Four-and-Twenty Lord Mayor's Shows (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Four-and-Twenty Managers All of a Row (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Fox and the Grapes, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Fox Chase (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Fra Diavolo (Music); See Auber, Daniel F. (Composer)

Fragment of a Burlesque Suite (Music); See Gounod, Charles F. (Composer)

Frampton, Fred (Choreographer)

Frangesca, A (Music); See de Costa, Mario (Composer)

Freischutzean barcarolle (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Freischütz, Der (Music); See Weber, Carl M. (Composer); Kind, Friedrich (Lyricist)

Freischütz, Der (Song); See Weber, Carl M. (Composer); Kind, Friedrich (Lyricist)

Frewin, Edwin (Composer)

Frightful, Spiteful, Old Bachelor, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Frohliche Stucke (Music); See Sarakowski, G. (Composer)

From Life's Early Morning (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

From Somerset Arriving (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

From that Far Clime (Song); See Rossini, Gioacchino A. (Composer)

Furst, William W. (Composer)



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Galatea (Music); See Jones, Edward (Composer)

Gallimaufry; or, Puff! Puff! Puff! (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Gamerra (Music); See Gungl, Herr Joseph (Composer)

Gamester (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Ganne, G. Louis (Composer)

Ganz, Wilhelm (Composer)

Garde Royale, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Gardes Nobles, Les (Music); See Schrammel, Johann (Composer)

Gauwin, Adolphe (Composer)

Gay Versailles (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Gayler, Charles (Composer)

Gazza Ladra, La (Music); See Rossini, Gioacchino A. (Composer)

Geisha, The (Music); See Jones, Sidney (Composer)

Gems of Ireland (Music); See Sibold, S. H. (Composer)

General Election (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Gentle of Heart (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Gently, Ah Gently (Song); See Biangini (Composer)

Gently Snoring (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

German, Edward (Composer)

Gertrude (Music); See Heinsdorff, V. G. (Composer)

Giles Scroggin's Ghost (Song); See Dibdin, Charles (Composer)

Giovinette che fata all'Amore (Song); See Mozart, Herr Wolfgang A. (Composer)

Gipsy Earl (Music); See Crook, John (Composer)

Gipsy Maid, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Gipsy trio in character (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Gipsy trio (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Girl I Left Behind Me, The (Music); See Crook, John (Composer)

Girls of Mallow, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Girondins, Les (Music); See Mellon, Alfred (Arranger)

Gitana, La (Music); See Bucalossi, Ernest (Composer)

Giuramento, Il (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Glee and chorus (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Glover, James M. (Composer)

Go Little Prattlers (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Goatherd, The (Music); See Marschner, Heinrich A. (Composer)

God Save the King (Music); See Bull, John (Composer)

God Save the King (Song); See Bull, John (Composer)

God Save The Queen (Music); See Bull, John (Composer)

God Save the Queen (Song); See Bull, John (Composer)

Godfrey, Adolphus F. (Composer)

Godfrey, Daniel (Composer)

Godfrey, Daniel, Jr. (Composer)

Golden Sun Is In the West, The (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Goldonkel, Der (Music); See Conradi, August (Composer)

Gondoliers, The (Music); See Sullivan, Arthur S. (Composer)

Good Husband (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Good Morrow (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Good Nature (Song); See Wade, Joseph A. (Composer)

Good Night (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Good Old Times, The (Music); See Strauss, Johann, Jr. (Composer)

Goody Two Shoes (Music); See Ellis, Edwin (Composer)

Gounod, Charles F. (Composer)

Grafenberger, Die (Music); See Gungl, Herr Joseph (Composer)

Grand Bolero (Music); See Leindhem, J. (Composer)

Grand National Coro (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Grand National Coronation Mass of Great George IV (Music); See Panormo, James H. (Composer)

Grand Nimrodian Scena (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Grand pas deux (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Grand violin concerto (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Grande concerto brilliante (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Grant Us Mother Calm Repose (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Grave Where the Dear One Died, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Great Sea Serpent, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Green, Thomas (Composer)

Green Bushes, The (Music); See Mellon, Alfred (Composer)

Greenwich Fair (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Grelots (Music); See Vilbac, Alphonse C. (Composer)

Grieg, Edvard H. (Composer)

Grieve No More (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Grillons, Des (Music); See Bonnisseau, Mons. Fereric (Composer)

Grim King of Ghosts (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Grisar, Albert (Composer)

Groves of Blarney, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Guard of Honor (Music); See Kaps, Karl (Composer)

Guardian Sylphs (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Guards, The (Music); See Godfrey, Daniel (Composer)

Guiding Star, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Guilluame Tell (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Guitar music (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Gungl, Herr Joseph (Composer)

GustaveMichiels (Composer)

Guy Mannering (Music); See Bishop, Henry R. (Composer)

Gypsy Life (Music); See Le Thière, Charles (Composer)

Gypsy's Garland, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Gypsy trio (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)



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Hackney Coach (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Haddon Hall (Music); See Sullivan, Arthur S. (Composer)

Hail, Hail, to the Happy Pair (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Hail, Sons of Glory (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Halévy, Mons. J. Fromental (Composer)

Hall, Charles (Composer)

Hamin, L. Van (Composer)

Hamm, Herr Henri von (Composer)

Handel, George F. (Composer)

Happiness, Joy Divine (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Happy Land (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Happy Peri, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Harbour Lights, The (Music); See Sprake, Henry (Composer)

Hark, Hark, the Cannons Roar (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Hark! The Village Bells (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Harmonic Dentist (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Harmonious Blacksmith, The (Music); See Handel, George F. (Composer); Eley (Arranger)

Harmonious Blacksmith, The (Song); See Handel, George F. (Composer)

Hatton, John L. (Composer)

Haunt Ye the Mountain, and Forest, and Fen (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Haydee (Music); See Auber, Daniel F. (Composer)

Haydn, Herr F. Joseph (Composer)

He Loves and He Rides Away (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

He's Gone: Once More I Am Alone (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

He's Quite the Thing (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

He's Right, He's Right—to Fight, to Fight (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

He Was a Jolly Giant (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Heart of Maryland (Music); See Furst, William W. (Composer)

Heart's Appeal, The (Song); See Mellon, Alfred (Composer)

Heavy Wet (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Heinsdorff, V. G. (Composer)

Henry VIII (Music); See German, Edward (Composer)

Herbert, George B. (Composer)

Here's a Health to the King, God Bless Him (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Here's a Health (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Here's to the Maiden (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Here Shall Soft Charity Repine (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Herman, A. (Composer)

Herold, L. Ferdinand (Composer)

Hertel, Peter L. (Composer)

Hetsch (Composer)

Hey Merry, Hey Down Derry (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Hey the Bonny Breast Knots (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Hey Tiddle Doll (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Hibernia (Music); See Atkins (Composer)

Higgs, Henry M. (Composer)

Hilda (Music); See Ellis, Edwin (Composer)

Hit or Miss: Epsom Races (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Hoch Hapsburg (Music); See Kral, Johann N. (Composer)

Hoffbaltanze (Music); See Strauss, Johann (Composer)

Holiday Tailor, The = Snip in the Gallery (Song)

Holland, John (Composer)

Holmes, Robert D. (Composer)

Holmes, Robert D. (Lyricist)

Homage to the Thrush (Music); See Myddelton, William H. (Composer)

Home, Sweet Home (Song); See Bishop, Henry R. (Composer); Payne, John H. (Lyricist)

Hope is Now No More (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Hope Now Brightly Beaming (Song); See Loder, Edward J. (Composer)

Hope Told a Flattering Tale (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Hope Told a Flattering Tale (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Hoppulant Man, The (Song); See Blewitt, Jonathan (Composer)

Horn, Charles E. (Composer)

Horticultural Wife, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Hot Codlins (Song); See Dibdin, Charles I. (Composer)

Hour before Day, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Houssarde, La (Music); See Ganne, G. Louis (Composer)

How Happy I Should Be (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

How Oft in Fancy Have I Heard (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

How to Drive Two Stages at One Time = Bob Pointer, the Dunstable Coachman (Song)

How Weak Is Woman E'er To Wed (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Hudson, Thomas (Lyricist)

Huguenots, Les (Music); See Meyerbeer, Giacomo J. (Composer)

Hume, I. Ord (Composer)

Hummel (Composer)

Humours of a Country Fair, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Humours of a Playhouse (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Humours of an Election (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Humours of Donnybrook Fair, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Humours of Dunmow (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Humours of the Packet (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Hungarian (Music); See Strauss, Johann, Jr. (Composer)

Hunter's Horn, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Hunters of Kentucky, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Hunting song (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Hurrah for the Bonnets of Blue (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Hurrah for the Road (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Hurry Along (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Husbands There Are (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Hyde Park on a Sunday (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)



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I Am An Amorous Cadi (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

I Am Not the Wild Creature I Seem (Song); See Daly, Miss Julia (Composer); Lee, J. Simcoe (Lyricist)

I Am the Boy for Bewitching Them (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

I Cannot Sing the Old Songs (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

I Come from Sunny Italy (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

I'd Be a Bluebottle (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

I'd Be a Butterfly (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

I'd Mourn the Hopes that Leave Me (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls (Song); See Balfe, Michael W. (Composer)

I Have Had a Pint of Sherry (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

I Know a Bank (Song); See Cooke, Thomas S. (Composer)

I'll Be a Good Boy and Take Care of Myself (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

I'll Be Your Faithful Page (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

I'll Never Be Married Again (Song); See Bishop, Henry R. (Composer)

I Love the Stream (Song); See Pilati, Auguste (Composer)

I Love Thee Ever Dearly (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

I Love Thee (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

I Love Thy Eyes of Blue (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

I'm a Gent, I'm a Gent (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

I'm a Jolly Gay Pedlar (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

I'm a Ranting, Roving Blade (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

I Puritani (Song); See Bellini, Vincenzo (Composer); Pepoli, Carlo (Lyricist)

I Shall Die an Old Maid (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

I Traversed Judah's Barren Sands (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

I've Loved Thee Long, Louise (Song); See Loder, Edward J. (Composer)

I've No Money (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

I've Plucked the Fairest Flower (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

I've Said It, Sir, and Law My Will Must Be (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

I've Wandered From Sweet Italy (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

I Will Not Wed a Charley (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Ideale (Music); See Lanner, Josef F. (Composer)

Idomeneo, Re di Creta (Music); See Mozart, Herr Wolfgang A. (Composer)

If I But Dared to Tell How Much I Loved (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

If I Had a Beau (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

If She Be Lost Whom I Adore (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

If She I Love Be Far Away (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

If You Ask What Is Love (Song); See Williams, T. (Composer)

Immortal Man Beware, Beware (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

In a Box of the Stone Jug I Was Born (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

In Our Cabin By the Sea (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Incidental music (Music); See Mellon, Alfred (Composer)

Incognita (Music); See Lecocq, A. Charles (Composer)

Incognito (Music); See Ivanovici, I. (Composer)

Independence Day (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Inside and Outside of the Coach = Trip to Bath, A (Song)

Instrumental selections (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Iolanthe (Music); See Sullivan, Arthur S. (Composer)

Iris (Music); See Strauss, Johann (Composer)

Irish Berrin (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Irish Fox Hunt and Horse Race, An (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Irish jig (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Irish Lilt, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Irish lilt (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Irish medley (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Irish Providence (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Irish Rubber at Whist, An (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Irish Schoolmaster, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Irish song (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Irish (Music); See Godfrey, Daniel (Composer)

Isabel (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Isar Leider (Music); See Gungl, Herr Joseph (Composer)

Italian, The (Music); See Schubert, Franz P. (Composer)

Italiani in Algieri (Music); See Rossini, Gioacchino A. (Composer)

Ivanovici, I. (Composer)



Top    A    B    C    D    E    F    G    H    I    J    K    L    M    N    O    P    Q    R    S    T    U    V    W    X    Y    Z    End

Jack Robinson (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Jemmy Green's Tour (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Jodeln song (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Jog On the Footpath Way (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

John Bull's Trip to Paris = Marriage a-la-Mode (Song)

Johnson (Composer)

Jolly, John (Composer)

Jolly Bacchus, God of Wine (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Jolly Giant Glorious to See, A (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Jolly Nose (Song); See Ainsworth, W. Harrison (Composer); Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Jolly Skiffsman, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Jones, Edward (Composer)

Jones, J. (Composer)

Jones, Sidney (Composer)

Journalisten (Music); See Strauss, Johann, Jr. (Composer)

Jouvence (Music); See Bosisio, Sig. (Composer)

Joys of Angling, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Jubel Fest (Music); See Gungl, Herr Joseph (Composer)

Jullien's All the Go (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Jump Jim Crow (Song); See Rice, Thomas D. (Composer)

Jungfrau von Bellville, Die (Music); See Millocker, Karl (Composer)



Top    A    B    C    D    E    F    G    H    I    J    K    L    M    N    O    P    Q    R    S    T    U    V    W    X    Y    Z    End

Kaiser, Don't You Want to Buy a Dog? (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Kalliwoda, Johann W. (Composer)

Kaps, Karl (Composer)

Kate Kearney (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Kate Terry (Music); See King, H. N. (Composer)

Kathleen, Dear (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Katty Mooney (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Kauffen Sein Wesen (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Kean, Edmund (Composer)

Keler, Bela (Composer)

Kerker, Gustave A. (Composer)

Kettenbruck (Music); See Gungl, Herr Joseph (Composer)

Kind, Friedrich (Lyricist)

King, H. N. (Composer)

Kingsbury, Frederick (Composer)

Kitty O'Lynch (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Knight, Edward (Composer)

Knight of St. Patrick (Music); See Godfrey, Daniel (Composer)

Koenig, Herman (Composer)

Koraskan Gelage (Music); See Tschakoff, Ivan (Composer)

Kottaun, Mrs. Celian (Composer)

Kral, Johann N. (Composer)

Kroll's Ball Klange (Music); See Lumbye, Hans C. (Composer)

Kucken, Friedrich W. (Composer)



Top    A    B    C    D    E    F    G    H    I    J    K    L    M    N    O    P    Q    R    S    T    U    V    W    X    Y    Z    End

Labarre, Theodore (Composer)

Labitzky, Joseph (Composer)

Lac des Fees, Le (Music); See Auber, Daniel F. (Composer)

Lacombe, Paul (Composer)

Lad That I Love, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Ladies and the Fashions, The = Tiddy, Iddy, Toll, Loll (Song)

Lady Frances Neville's Delight (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Lady Slavey (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Lakes of Killarney (Song); See Balfe, Michael W. (Composer); Falconer, Edmund (Lyricist)

Lamotta, A. (Composer)

Land of Shillelah, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Land of the West, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Land We Live In, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Langey, Otto (Composer)

Lanner, Josef F. (Composer)

Lara Armonia (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Largo al Factotum (Song); See Rossini, Gioacchino A. (Composer)

Lascia Ch'eo Pianja (Song); See Handel, George F. (Composer)

Lass with the Bonny Blue Een, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Lassen, Eduard (Composer)

Laugh and Be Glad (Song); See Linley, George (Composer)

Launch, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Layde Fayre (Music); See Bucalossi, Ernest (Composer)

Lazy Society (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Le Beau, Alfred (Composer)

Le Thière, Charles (Composer)

Leader and solo violin (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Leah, La Juive (Music); See Halévy, Mons. J. Fromental (Composer)

Leave Me, I Pray (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Lecocq, A. Charles (Composer)

Lee, G. Alexander (Composer)

Lee, J. Simcoe (Lyricist)

Lee, Lewis (Composer)

Legendre, J. (Composer)

Leggiero (Music); See Fahrbach, Philipp (Composer)

Leindhem, J. (Composer)

Lestocq (Music); See Auber, Daniel F. (Composer)

Let Fame Sound the Trumpet (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Let Martial Music Sound (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Let Me Say How Much I Love You (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Let's Tope and Be Merry (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Letitia (Music); See Fahrbach, Philipp (Composer)

Levantine Mazurka (Music); See Labitzky, Joseph (Composer)

Levey, William C. (Composer)

Levy, John (Composer)

Liberty! Dear Liberty! (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Lienar (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Life in London (Music); See Balfour, Theo (Composer)

Life in Louisiana = Octoroon, The (Music)

Life of a Clown (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Life of a Dandy, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Life of Julius Caesar, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Life on the Ocean, A (Music); See Binding, E. (Composer)

Life's Weather Gauge (Song); See Dibdin, Charles (Composer)

Light Cavalry, The (Music); See Suppe, Herr Franz (Composer)

Light of Other Days, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Lightly Bounding (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Lights of Home, The (Music); See Sprake, Henry (Composer)

Lights of Other Days (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Lilly from Jamaica; or, The Negro in London (Song); See Sanderson, James (Composer)

Lily Awake the Morning Beams (Song); See Pilati, Auguste (Composer)

Lily of Killarney (Music); See Coote, Charles (Composer)

Linda (Music); See d'Albert, Charles L. (Composer)

Lindpaintner, Peter J. (Composer)

Linley, George (Composer)

Listen, Listen Each Delight (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Litolff, Henry C. (Composer)

Little Musgrave (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Live and Be Jolly (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Lockvogel (Music); See Strauss, Johann, Jr. (Composer)

Loder, Edward J. (Composer)

Lodoiska (Music); See Cherubini, M. Luigi (Composer)

Lohengrin (Music); See Wagner, Herr W. Richard (Composer)

London at Five in the Morning (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

London Day by Day (Music); See Sprake, Henry (Composer)

London Exhibitions (Song); See Mathews, Charles (Composer)

London Newspapers (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

London's the City for the Fancy and Its Frolickings (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

London Sighs (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Long Tom's Courtship (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Look Out, Look Out (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Look the World All Over (Song); See Labarre, Theodore (Composer)

Lord Mayor's Show (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Lost at Sea (Music); See Ellis, Edwin (Composer)

Lots of Plum Pudding (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Love Among the Roses (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Love and Fortune (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Love and Sausages = Bunhill Row Courtship (Song)

Love and the Treading Mill; or, The Butcher of Brixton (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Love Has Eyes (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Love in a Cottage (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Love in Idleness (Song); See Cooke, Thomas S. (Composer)

Love in the Heart (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Love Lies Bleeding (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Love Me if I Live (Song); See à Beckett, Mrs. Gilbert A. (Composer)

Love's Request (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Love's Ritornella (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Love's Sweet Summer (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Love Was Once a Little Boy (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Lovely Mary (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Lover, Samuel (Composer)

Lover's Mistake, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Lovers to Gain (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Low-back'd Car, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Lucantoni, Sig. Giovanni (Composer)

Lucknow (Music); See Williams, P. (Composer)

Lucretia Borgia (Music); See Donizetti, D. Gaetano (Composer)

Lucy Long (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Lucy Long (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Luigi Beloved (Song); See Hatton, John L. (Composer)

Lumbye, Hans C. (Composer)

Lune de Miel, La (Music); See Bosisio, Sig. (Composer)

Lustige Bruder (Music); See Wollstedt, Robert (Composer)

Lustspiel (Music); See Keler, Bela (Composer)



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Macgregors' Gathering, The (Song); See Scott, Walter (Composer)

Mackenzie, Alexander C. (Composer)

Madame, I Know All (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Maddison, George W. (Composer)

Magyar Mulatsag, or, Hungarian Fete (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Maid of Artois, The (Music); See Pilati, Auguste (Composer)

Maid of Kildare, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Maid of the Mill, The (Song); See Adams, Stephen (Composer)

Maid with a Milking Pail, The (Song); See Fitzwilliam, Edward F. (Composer)

Maiden I Am, A (Song); See Horn, Charles E. (Composer)

Mail Coach, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Maillart, Aime (Composer)

Mallet, David (Lyricist)

Man Calls Himself Creation's Lord (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Manager Strutt Was Four Feet Tall (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Maniac's Tear, The (Song); See Tully, James H. (Composer)

Manolo (Music); See Waldteufel, Emile (Composer)

Manoverir (Music); See Strauss, Johann (Composer)

Mansion House Ball (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Mansion House (Song); See Mathews, Charles (Composer)

Manteaux Noirs, Les (Music); See Bucalossi, Ernest (Composer)

Maquet, H. (Composer)

March Away (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

March of the Mountain Gnomes (Music); See Eilenberg, Richard (Composer)

Marche des Monjieks (Music); See Renelle (Composer)

Marche Lorraine, La (Music); See Ganne, G. Louis (Composer)

Marco Spada (Music); See Auber, Daniel F. (Composer)

Maree Montante (Music); See Desormes, Louis Cesar (Composer)

Maritana (Music); See Wallace, W. Vincent (Composer)

Market Day (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Marriage a-la-Mode; or, John Bull's Trip to Paris (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Marriage of Figaro, The (Music); See Mozart, Herr Wolfgang A. (Composer)

Marschner, Heinrich A. (Composer)

Marseillaise, La (Music); See Mellon, Alfred (Arranger)

Martha (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Martini (Composer)

Mary's Song (Song); See Mellon, Alfred (Composer)

Masaniello (Music); See Reeve, George W. (Composer)

Mascagni, Pietro (Composer)

Masquerading (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Master I Have, A (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Master Pays For All (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Mathews, Charles (Composer)

Matrimonial Concert (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Maximillian Robespierre (Music); See Litolff, Henry C. (Composer)

May-day Morning, Early (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

May the King Live for Ever (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Mazurka and Polonaise (Music); See Chopin, Frederick F. (Composer)

Mazzinghi, Joseph (Composer)

Medea (Music); See Cherubini, M. Luigi (Composer)

Medley duet (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Medley of Melodists (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Medley selection (Music); See Crook, John (Composer)

Meet Me By the Moonlight (Song); See Wade, Joseph A. (Composer)

Megone (Composer)

Mehul, Etienne Nicolas (Composer)

Mellon, Alfred (Arranger)

Mellon, Alfred (Composer)

Melodramatic music (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Memory and Hope (Song); See Lover, Samuel (Composer)

Men Love Such Strange Disguises (Song); See Hatton, John L. (Composer)

Mendelssohn, Felix (Composer)

Menet Rose (Music); See Ganne, G. Louis (Composer)

Meo Pensiero (Music); See Beck, Alphons (Composer)

Mercadante, G. Saverio (Composer)

Merry Drummer, The (Song); See Lee, G. Alexander (Composer)

Merry Old Times (Music); See Godfrey, Adolphus F. (Composer)

Merry Pedlar Hillary (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Merry Troopers (Music); See Elsen, L. (Composer)

Merry Wives of Windsor, The (Music); See Nicolai, C. Otto (Composer)

Metra, Olivier J. (Composer)

Meyder, Karl (Composer)

Meyerbeer, Giacomo J. (Composer)

Mi Querida (Music); See Gauwin, Adolphe (Composer)

Midas (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Midsummer Night's Dream, A (Music); See Gungl, Herr Joseph (Composer)

Mighty Conqueror, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Mignon (Music); See Thomas, C. Ambroise (Composer)

Mikado, The; or, The Town of Titipu (Music); See Sullivan, Arthur S. (Composer)

Military overture (Music); See Crook, John (Composer)

Militia Muster Folk, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Millars, Haydn (Composer)

Millocker, Karl (Composer)

Mimosa (Music); See Philip, James (Composer)

Minstrel songs (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Misericordia (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Miss Margery Muggins (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Mita (Song); See Cohen, L. (Composer)

Mock bravura (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Mock Italian bravura (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Mocking Bird, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Modern Education (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Modern Innovations (Song); See Mathews, Charles (Composer)

Modern Sights; or, The Tadcaster Lad in London (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Moisson, La (Music); See Bouillon, Mons. Pierre (Composer)

Mollenhauer, Edward (Composer)

Molloy, James L. (Composer)

Money Bags (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Monody on the Death of Lord Nelson (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Monte Cristo (Music); See Ellis, Edwin (Composer)

Montgomery (Composer)

Moon Has Raised Her Lamp Above, The (Song); See Benedict, Julius (Composer)

Moon Who Night Adorning, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Morgenblatter (Music); See Strauss, Johann, Jr. (Composer)

Morley (Composer)

Morning Lounges (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Morning, Noon, and Night in Vienna (Music); See Suppe, Herr Franz (Composer)

Morris, George F. (Lyricist)

Mountain Dhu (Music); See Ellis, Edwin (Composer)

Mozart, Herr Wolfgang A. (Composer)

Mr. Larry O'Gallagher McFusile's Amours (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Mrs. G. (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Munich Exhibition (Music); See Hamm, Herr Henri von (Composer)

Murder and Irish; or, A Song Without a Time (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Musard, Philipe (Composer)

Musgrave, Frank (Composer)

Music of comic business (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Musical duet (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Musical recital (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Musical sketch (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Mutton Chops and Gravy = Soldier and the Tar, The (Song)

Mutton Chops (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

My Arab Steed (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

My Beautiful Rhine (Song); See Weiland, Francis (Composer)

My Boyhood's Home (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

My Dearest Heart (Song); See Sullivan, Arthur S. (Composer)

My Father Dear (Song); See Callcott, William H. (Composer)

My Grandmother's Advice (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

My Happy Home Far O'er the Sea (Song); See Daly, Miss Julia (Composer); Holmes, Robert D. (Composer); Holmes, Robert D. (Lyricist)

My Heart is Thine Forever (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

My Heart with Love Is Beating (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

My Home Is On The Wave (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

My Johnny Was a Shoemaker (Song); See Florence, William J. (Composer)

My Laddie Wears a Bonnet Blue (Song); See Welch, T. (Arranger)

My Lady's Nag (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

My Mary Ann (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

My Name is Little Harry Oh (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

My Native Land (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

My Own Blue Bell (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

My Pretty Jane (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

My Pretty Page Look Out (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

My Trembling Hand in Welcome Take (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

My Village Fair (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

My Wife She Had a Red Red Nose (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Myddelton, William H. (Composer)

Mynheer Van Dunck (Song); See Bishop, Henry R. (Composer); Richards, Brinley (Arranger)



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Nathan, Isaac (Composer)

National glee for four voices (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Ne M'Oubliez Pas (Song); See Adam, Adolphe C. (Composer)

Negro Duet, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Negro duet (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Negro in London, The = Lilly from Jamaica (Song)

Negro melodies (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Nero (Music); See Boggetti, E. (Composer)

Neukomm, Sigismund (Composer)

New bravura song (Song); See Schmidt (Composer)

New buffo song (Song); See Lover, Samuel (Composer)

New champagne galop (Music); See Lumbye, Hans C. (Composer)

New characteristic overture (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

New comic song (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

New Dancing Romance, A (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

New dancing romance (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

New medley overture (Music); See Sanderson, James (Composer)

New overture (Music); See Halévy, Mons. J. Fromental (Composer)

New patriotic song (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

New Post Horn (Music); See Audibert (Composer)

New romance (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

New song (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Newgate Stone, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Niccolò, Signor (Composer)

Nice Little Husband to Love, A (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Nicolai, C. Otto (Composer)

Nigger sic duet (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Night Is Falling, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Nightingale Club, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Nightingale's Trill, The (Song); See Ganz, Wilhelm (Composer)

Nine O'Clock Tonight's the Time (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Nix My Dolly, Pals, Fake Away (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

No Rose But My Rosabell (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Noble's Daughter, A (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Nobody Coming to Marry Me (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Norah Creina (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Norma: Dei Con Te (Music); See Bellini, Vincenzo (Composer)

Norma (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Norrible Tale, A (Song); See Blanchard, Edward L. (Composer)

Nosegay duet (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Not a Cloud Shall Darken (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Nothing at All (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Notte, Una (Song); See Lucantoni, Sig. Giovanni (Composer)

Now Blithe As the Morning (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Now Farewell Ye Rory Tories (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Now Hope—Now Fear (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Now Night with All His Starry Train (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)



Top    A    B    C    D    E    F    G    H    I    J    K    L    M    N    O    P    Q    R    S    T    U    V    W    X    Y    Z    End

O Death! Thou Art Welcome (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

O'Dowd, The (Music); See Stoepel, Robert A. (Composer)

O'er His Senseless Form Now Bending (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

O'er Valley and Hill (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

O Give Me Back My Pretty Toy (Song); See Kingsbury, Frederick (Composer)

O! God of Sleep (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

O Pow'rs that Shield (Song); See Calcott, John F. (Composer)

O Thou Art All to Me Love (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

O What Pleasure (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Observe Ye Yon Neglected Flowers (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Occasional songs (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Octoroon, The; or, Life in Louisiana (Music); See Benedict, Julius (Composer)

Oenone (Music); See Megone (Composer)

Of Killarney's Lucid Lake (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Offenbach, Jacques (Composer)

Oh Bring the Brandy (to Der Freishutz: Bridesmaids' Chorus ) (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Oh! Come to the Window (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Oh Cuddleina, You're the Sweetest Creature (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Oh Disturb Us Not Though We Died Unblest (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Oh! Don't You Remember the Beautiful Glades? (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Oh! Father Since the Fatal Day (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Oh Happy Days (Song); See Mellon, Alfred (Composer)

Oh Mighty Love (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Oh! Native Music (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Oh! Never Despair (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Oh! No! and Oh! Yes! (Song); See Lee, G. Alexander (Composer)

Oh Pity Me Father (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Oh, Rest Ye, My Babe (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Oh Sleep Gentle Lady (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Oh Such a Set, Such a String of Curiosities (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Oh! Take the Lyre from Sorrow's Hand (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Oh, What a Storm (Song); See Pilati, Auguste (Composer)

Oh! What Rapture (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Ohone a Rie (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Oigh Boys Oigh (Song); See Pilati, Auguste (Composer)

Old English Melodies (Music); See Audibert (Composer)

Old English Songs (Music); See Basquit, H. (Composer)

Old King Cole (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Old Maid, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Old Rosin the Beau (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Old Times (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Old Towler (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Old Towler (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Olga (Music); See Deplace, A. (Composer)

Olivette (Music); See Audran, Edmond (Composer)

Olma, Carl (Composer)

Omnibus, The (Song); See Mathews, Charles (Composer)

On Such an Occasion as This (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

On the Banks of Allan Water (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

On the Danube's Fair Banks Long Ago (Song); See Pilati, Auguste (Composer)

On the Mountain High (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Once, Twice, Thrice (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

One Morn As I Was Brewing (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Only a Little While (Song); See Pascal, Florian (Composer)

Op. 151 (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Op. 36 (Music); See Kalliwoda, Johann W. (Composer)

Op. 44 (Music); See Kalliwoda, Johann W. (Composer)

Op. 44 (Song); See Kalliwoda, Johann W. (Composer)

Opening chorus of Greek peasants (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Operatic medley (Music); See Hetsch (Composer)

Operatic Potpourri (Music); See Hamin, L. Van (Composer)

Original French music (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Original medley (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Orynthia (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Oscar and Malvina (Music); See Shield, William (Composer); Reeve, William (Composer)

Otello (Music); See Rossini, Gioacchino A. (Composer)

Our Chief Sabberini's a Terrible Blade (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Our Voices Now Unite (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Our Yankee Girls (Song); See Gayler, Charles (Composer); Mollenhauer, Edward (Composer)

Over Hill, Over Dale (Song); See Montgomery (Composer)

Over Land and Sea (Music); See Gungl, Herr Joseph (Composer)

Overture and music of opening (Music); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Overture descriptive of a Parisian emeute (Music); See Pilati, Auguste (Composer); Rodwell, George H. (Arranger)

Overture in C (Music); See Paer, Ferdinando (Composer)

Overture in D (Music); See Romberg, Bernhard (Composer)



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Paddington Stages (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Paddy Carey's Fortune (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Paddy Carey (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Paddy O'Rooney's Journey to Ballinafad (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Paderewski, Ignacy J. (Composer)

Paer, Ferdinando (Composer)

Panormo, James H. (Composer)

Pantomania (Music); See Williams, Warwick (Composer)

Pardon Now the Bold Outlaw (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Paris (Music); See Metra, Olivier J. (Composer)

Parnell, Michael (Composer)

Parnell, Michael (Music)

Parody on a popular ballad (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Part du Diable, La (Music); See Auber, Daniel F. (Composer)

Partant pour La Syrie (Song); See de Laborde, Alexandre (Composer)

Parting Hour Is Come, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Pascal, Florian (Composer)

Pastoral Songs (Music); See Basquit, H. (Composer)

Pathetic ballad (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Pathetic romance (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Patriotic song (Song); See Scott, Miss Jane M. (Lyricist); Parnell, Michael (Music)

Paul Jones (Music); See Coote, Charles, Jr. (Composer)

Pawnbroker's Shop (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Payne, John H. (Lyricist)

peculiar Spanish melody, A (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Peep at the Pump Rooms, A = Trip to Bath, A (Song)

Peep o' Day (Music); See Barnard, J. (Composer)

Pepinette (Music); See Clutsam, George H. (Composer)

Pepito (Music); See Riviere, Jules P. (Composer)

Pepoli, Carlo (Lyricist)

Pere Gaillard, Le (Music); See Reber, Napoleon-Henri (Composer)

Performance on three instruments (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Peri, La (Music); See Musard, Philipe (Composer)

Perichole, La (Music); See Offenbach, Jacques (Composer)

Perilous Blarney, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Perle, La (Music); See Riviere, Jules P. (Composer)

Persanes, Les (Music); See Bosisio, Sig. (Composer)

Pesky Ike (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Pessiere, E. (Composer)

Peters, Wilhelm (Composer)

Petersbourg (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Petites Pierrots, Des (Music); See Bosc, Auguste (Composer)

Philip, James (Composer)

Philtre, Le (Music); See Auber, Daniel F. (Composer)

Picture of a Playhouse, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Pilati, Auguste (Composer)

Pizzi, Emilio (Composer)

Pleasure Is a Short Liv'd Flower (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Pleasures of Society (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Poet and the Peasant, The (Music); See Suppe, Herr Franz (Composer)

Polish Dance (Music); See Scharwenka, L. Philip (Composer)

Poll of Greenwich Fair (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Polonaise (Music); See Kucken, Friedrich W. (Composer)

Pompadour Polka, La (Music); See Riviere, Jules P. (Composer)

Pon-Pon (Music); See Gungl, Herr Joseph (Composer)

Poor Mr. Spriggs (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Popular airs (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Popular medley (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Popular Negro melodies (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Popular song (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Post Office, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Prager, Die (Music); See Gungl, Herr Joseph (Composer)

Pray Goody (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Pray, Sisters, Pray (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Prayer and chorus (Song); See Hatton, John L. (Composer)

Pre aux Clercs, Le (Music); See Herold, L. Ferdinand (Composer)

Preciosa (Music); See Weber, Carl M. (Composer)

Premiere Feuille, La (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Prettiest Flower, The (Music); See Bousquet, Narcisse (Composer)

Pretty Blue Star (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Pretty Love Birds (Song); See Wade, Joseph A. (Composer)

Prime, Bang-Up! (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Princess May (Music); See Kottaun, Mrs. Celian (Composer)

Professional Dinner Parties, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Prometheus (Music); See Beethoven, Herr Ludwig van (Composer)

Puerta del sol (Music); See St. Bogdamy (Composer)

Puff! Puff! Puff! = Gallimaufry (Song)

Pugni, Signor Cesare (Composer)

Puits d'Amour, Le (Music); See Balfe, Michael W. (Composer)

Punch and his Dramatis Personae (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Puritani (Music); See Bellini, Vincenzo (Composer); Riviere, Jules P. (Arranger)

Push about the Bottle Boys (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)



Top    A    B    C    D    E    F    G    H    I    J    K    L    M    N    O    P    Q    R    S    T    U    V    W    X    Y    Z    End

Quadrille (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Quand Tu Chantes (Music); See Gounod, Charles F. (Composer)

Quartetto on one violin (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Queen, God Bless Her, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Queen of the Seas, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Quit, Oh Quit the Sordid Dice (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)



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Rash Fools, Thus Malech's Will to Brave (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Rataplan Polka, The (Music); See Koenig, Herman (Composer)

Rataplan, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Raymond (Music); See Thomas, C. Ambroise (Composer)

Read (Composer)

Real Polkum Dance a la Banjo, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Reber, Napoleon-Henri (Composer)

Recitative and chorus of huntsmen (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Recruit, The (Music); See Gungl, Herr Joseph (Composer)

Red Coats (Song); See Craven, John T. (Composer)

Red Cross Knights, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Reeve, George W. (Composer)

Reeve, William (Composer)

Reformation (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Reine de Saba, La (Music); See Gounod, Charles F. (Composer)

Reissiger, Carl G. (Composer)

Rejoice, Rejoice, and Bless This Hour (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Remember, Dear Mother (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Remember, Oh, Thou Me (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Reminiscences from Ireland (Music); See Stoepel, Robert A. (Composer)

Renelle (Composer)

Resolve, A (Music); See Lassen, Eduard (Composer)

Rest Thee Pilgrim (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Reve Apres le Bal (Music); See Boustet, Mons. Edouard (Composer)

Revenge, Revenge De Courcy's Wrong (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Reverie (Music); See Waldteufel, Emile (Composer)

Rheinsagen (Music); See Gungl, Herr Joseph (Composer)

Ricci, Frederico (Composer)

Rice, Thomas D. (Composer)

Richards, Brinley (Arranger)

Richardson (Composer)

Riddle Cum Dinke Doo (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Ride-a-cock-horse (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Riflemen Form! (Song); See Balfe, Michael W. (Composer)

Right Fal Lara Laral (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Rival Beauties, The; or, Which is the Handsomest (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Riviere, Jules P. (Arranger)

Riviere, Jules P. (Composer)

Robert Le Diable (Music); See Meyerbeer, Giacomo J. (Composer)

Robillard, Victor (Composer)

Rodwell, George H. (Arranger)

Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Roe, George (Composer)

Romance (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Romantiker, Die (Music); See Lanner, Josef F. (Composer)

Romantique (Music); See Keler, Bela (Composer)

Romberg, Bernhard (Composer)

Rosa, Carl A. (Composer)

Rose of Love, The (Song); See Jones, J. (Composer)

Rosen auf den Weg (Music); See Fetras, Oscar (Composer)

Roses des Alpes, Les (Music); See Lanner, Josef F. (Composer)

Roses, Les (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Rosetta Dear (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Rossini, Gioacchino A. (Composer)

Row of Ballynavogue, The (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Roy's Wife of Aldivalloch (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Royal Alfred, The (Music); See Godfrey, Daniel (Composer)

Royal Guards, The (Music); See Le Thière, Charles (Composer)

Rule Britannia (Music); See Arne, Thomas Augustine (Composer); Thomson, James (Lyricist); Mallet, David (Lyricist)

Rule Britannia (Song); See Arne, Thomas Augustine (Composer); Thomson, James (Lyricist); Mallet, David (Lyricist)

Run, Run, Run (to Giovanni on Horseback ) (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Russell, Henry (Composer)

Russian dance (Music); See Tschakoff, Ivan (Composer)

Rustic Beauties (Music); See Crook, John (Composer)

Rustic Olympics (Song); See Mathews, Charles (Composer)

Rustic Polka (Music); See Riviere, Jules P. (Composer)

Rustic, The (Music); See Bosisio, Sig. (Composer)



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Sabots de la Marquise, Les (Music); See Boulanger, Ernest (Composer)

Sad, Ever Sad (Song); See Hatton, John L. (Composer)

Sadowa (Music); See Millars, Haydn (Composer)

Safely Follow Him (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Sailor Boy, The (Song); See Walcott, Charles (Composer)

Sailor's Consolation in a Storm, A (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Sailor's Heart is Light and Free, A (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Sailors Lead a Merry, Merry Life (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

St. Bogdamy (Composer)

St. Bride's Bells (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

St. Patrick Was a Gentleman (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Salut d'Amour (Music); See Elgar, Edward W. (Composer)

Sam Spritsail (Song); See Holland, John (Composer)

Sanderson, James (Composer)

Sandy and Jenny (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Sans Facon (Music); See Waldteufel, Emile (Composer)

Sans Souci (Music); See Strauss, Johann, Jr. (Composer)

Santa Lucia (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Sarakowski, G. (Composer)

Satanella (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Sauer Kraut is Bully (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Sauer Kraut Receipt with Banjo (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Scenes de Ballet (Music); See Higgs, Henry M. (Composer)

Scenes of My Youth (Song); See Benedict, Julius (Composer)

Scharwenka, L. Philip (Composer)

Schemeling, Martin (Composer)

Scherzo, The (Music); See Roe, George (Composer)

Scherzo (Music); See Bonnisseau, Mons. Fereric (Composer)

Schmidt (Composer)

Schneider, How You Vas? (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Schoengen, Herr Michael (Composer)

School of Orators (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Schrammel, Johann (Composer)

Schubert, Franz P. (Composer)

Scotch sic duet (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Scott, Miss Jane M. (Composer)

Scott, Miss Jane M. (Lyricist)

Scott, Walter (Composer)

Scottish Dance No. 1 (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Scottish Dance No. 2 (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Scottish Peers, The (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Scottish (Music); See Foster, W. (Composer)

Sea Bird, The (Song); See Russell, Henry (Composer)

Sea, the Open Sea, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Search Thro' the Wide World (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Sebastopol (Music); See d'Albert, Charles L. (Composer)

See from Gas Lights Burning (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Seize Him, Seize Him; To the Scaffold Bear Him (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Semiramide (Music); See Rossini, Gioacchino A. (Composer)

Sentimental and joyous ballad (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Sentimentale (Music); See Riviere, Jules P. (Composer)

Septet (Music); See Neukomm, Sigismund (Composer)

Serenade (Music); See Gounod, Charles F. (Composer)

Serment, Le (Music); See Auber, Daniel F. (Composer)

Set the Red Red Wine Now Flowing (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Seven Up (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Several admired airs (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Several popular overtures (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Sevillana (Music); See Le Beau, Alfred (Composer)

Shadows of Destiny (Music); See Colomb, Captain John C. (Composer)

Shan Van Voght (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Shaughraun, The (Music); See Levy, John (Composer)

She Comes with Splendour O'er the Waves (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

She Never Blam'd Him, Never (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Sheep's Eyes! or Bob Wronghead's New Method of Courting (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Sherzo (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Shield, William (Composer)

Shilelah Gra Machree (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Shilling Hop Polka, The (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Shonnie Vas a Nice Young Man (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Short Stages (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Si J'Etais Roi (Music); See Adam, Adolphe C. (Composer)

Sibold, S. H. (Composer)

Sich a Gettin' Up Stairs (Song); See Rice, Thomas D. (Composer)

Silva (Music); See Le Thière, Charles (Composer)

Simon the Cellarer (Song); See Hatton, John L. (Composer)

Sims, George R. (Composer)

Since Stabby Has Proved So Untrue (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Sing Away, Sing Away (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Sing, Birdie, Sing (Song); See Ganz, Wilhelm (Composer)

Sirene, La (Music); See Auber, Daniel F. (Composer)

Skaters, The (Music); See Fahrbach, Philipp (Composer)

Slaughter, Walter (Composer)

Sloman, John (Composer)

Slumber My Darling (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Smithfield Cattle Shew (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Snip in the Gallery; or, The Holiday Tailor (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Society (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Soft Blew the Breeze of the Morning (Song); See Badnall, R. (Lyricist); Nathan, Isaac (Composer)

Soldier and the Tar, The; or, Mutton Chops and Gravy (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Soldier Boy, The (Song); See Lover, Samuel (Composer)

Soldier's Knell, The (Song); See Morley (Composer)

Soldier's Tear, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Soldier Tir'd of War Alarms, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Soldiers' Chorus (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Solo cornet and flageolet (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Solo cornet (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Solo flute (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Solo for Cor Anglais (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Solo harp (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Something New Every Day (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Song and chorus (Song); See Hatton, John L. (Composer)

Song of elemental spirits (Song); See Slaughter, Walter (Composer)

Song of the Glass (from The Grand Duchess ) (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Song of Victory (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Song that Reached My Heart, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Song Without a Time, A = Murder and Irish (Song)

Songs and duets (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Songs of Shakespeare's Time (Music); See Clarke, J. Hamilton (Composer)

Songs of the Wood (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Songs Without Words (Music); See Mendelssohn, Felix (Composer)

Songs (Music); See Stuart, Leslie (Composer)

Sousa, John P. (Composer)

Souvenir de Belgrade (Music); See Fahrbach, Philipp (Composer)

Souvenir de Cadiz (Music); See Bosisio, Sig. (Composer)

Souvenir de St. Petersbourg (Music); See Labitzky, Joseph (Composer)

Souvenir de St. Petersbourg (Song); See Labitzky, Joseph (Composer)

Souvenir de Vienna (Music); See Strauss, Johann, Jr. (Composer)

Souvenir de Vienne (Music); See Ziehrer, Karl M. (Composer)

Spanish Dance (Music); See Pizzi, Emilio (Composer)

Sparrow Duet (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Speak Brother Speak (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Speak, Nor Dread the Demons' Ire (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Speak! Who Goes There (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Spirits Advanced (Song); See Bishop, Henry R. (Composer)

Sporting melody (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Sprake, Henry (Composer)

Sprig of Shillelagh, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Spring Meeting (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Spring Messengers (Music); See Gungl, Herr Joseph (Composer)

Staccato (Music); See Bonnisseau, Mons. Fereric (Composer)

Stag Thro' the Forest, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Stand to Your Guns (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Stanislawa (Music); See Heinsdorff, V. G. (Composer)

Star of Night, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Starlight Night (Music); See Bucalossi, Ernest (Composer)

Statue Bride (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Statute Fair (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Staty Fair, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Steibelt (Composer)

Steibelt's Storm (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Stenebrugen (Composer)

Stevens, George A. (Composer)

Stevenson, John (Composer)

Stick at Nothing (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Stoepel, Robert A. (Composer)

Storm Bird, The (Music); See Faust, Carl (Composer)

Storm Duet (from The Pilot ) (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Strauss, Johann (Composer)

Strauss, Johann, III (Composer)

Strauss, Johann, Jr. (Arranger)

Strauss, Johann, Jr. (Composer)

Strauss, Joseph (Composer)

Street Melodists (Song); See Mathews, Charles (Composer)

Streets of London, The (Music); See Hall, Charles (Composer)

Strike, Oh, Strike the Gentle Lute (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Struck Oil (Music); See Ellis, Edwin (Composer)

Stuart, Leslie (Composer)

Studenti (Music); See Bucalossi, Ernest (Composer)

Styrian, La (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Such a Beauty I Did Grow (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Such a Genius I Did Grow (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Sul Margine d'un Rio (Music); See Bochsa, Robert N. C. (Composer)

Sullivan, Arthur S. (Composer)

Summer Night (Music); See Lanner, Josef F. (Composer)

Sunday Concert, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Sunshine and Rain (Song); See Blumenthal, Jacob (Composer)

Superlatively grand mock Italian scena (Song); See Mellon, Alfred (Composer)

Suppe, Herr Franz (Composer)

Swedish selection (Music); See Grieg, Edvard H. (Composer)

Sweet Content (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Sweet Fifteen (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Sweet Kitty Clover (Song); See Kean, Edmund (Composer)

Sweet Melody (Song); See Horn, Charles E. (Composer)

Sweet's the Love That Meets Return (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Sweet Violets (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Sweetly Slumber Child of Earth (Song); See Pilati, Auguste (Composer)

Swiss Toys for the Lowther Arcade (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Sylvester Traume (Music); See Labitzky, Joseph (Composer)



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Tadcaster Lad in London, The = Modern Sights (Song)

Tadcaster Lad in London, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Tadcaster Lad, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Take This Cup of Sparkling Wine (Song); See Wallace, W. Vincent (Composer)

Tancredi (Music); See Rossini, Gioacchino A. (Composer)

Tandem Broke Loose = Banco Regis (Song)

Tanzmeister Labyrinth (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Tartar Drum, The (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Taste, O Taste this Spicy Wine (Song); See Bishop, Henry R. (Composer)

Taylor, Mrs. Tom (Composer)

Teazing Lovers of All Nations (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Telegramme (Music); See Strauss, Johann, Jr. (Composer)

Tell Me, My Heart (Song); See Bishop, Henry R. (Composer)

Tellam (Composer)

Tete de Bronze, La (Music); See Musard, Philipe (Composer)

Thalberg, Herr Sigismond (Composer)

Thames Sailing Match, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Thanks! My Warriors Bold (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Theatrical Fund Dinner (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Then Farewell My Trim-Built Wherry (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

There Lived in Old Times (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

There's a Drop in Her Gimlet Eye (to There's a Light in Her Laughing Eye ) (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

There's Someone in the House with Dinah (Song); See Cave, J. H. (Composer)

Thimble Buttoned Up = Fatal Great Coat, The (Song)

Thirlwall, John W. (Composer)

Tho' Late I Was a Cobbler's Wife (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Thomas, C. Ambroise (Composer)

Thome, Francois (Composer)

Thomson, James (Lyricist)

Thorn, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Those Fairy Bells (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Those Lovely Eyes (Song); See Lee, G. Alexander (Composer)

Thou'rt Passing Hence (Music); See Sullivan, Arthur S. (Composer)

Though Lovers We Are Not (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Though Time its Snows Hath Sprinkled Across My Silver Brow (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Though with Neither a Chisel, a Knife, nor a File (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Three part Irish medley (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Through the Wood, Through the Wood (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Tiddy, Iddy, Toll, Loll; or, The Ladies and the Fashions (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Tinker's Song (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Tippitywitchet (Song); See Dibdin, Charles (Composer)

'Tis a Folly to Talk of Life's Troubles (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

To Changeful Man's Delusive Arts (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

To-morrow (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Toast Be Dear Woman, The (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Tom Bowline (Song); See Dibdin, Charles (Composer)

Tommy Atkins (Music); See Crook, John (Composer)

Tommy's Own (Music); See Crook, John (Composer)

Tomorrow Will Be Market Day (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Too Late (Song); See Grisar, Albert (Composer)

Toreador (Music); See Le Thière, Charles (Composer)

Torquato Tasso (Music); See Donizetti, D. Gaetano (Composer)

Tour du Monde, Le (Music); See Metra, Olivier J. (Composer)

Tout N'est dans Ce Bas Monde (Song); See Halévy, Mons. J. Fromental (Composer)

Town of Titipu, The = Mikado, The (Music)

Toy Sinfonie (Music); See Haydn, Herr F. Joseph (Composer)

Transcendently elaborate cavatina (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Traviata, La (Music); See Verdi, Sig. Guiseppe F. (Composer)

Trip and Go (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Trip to Bath, A; or, A Peep at the Pump Rooms (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Trip to Bath, A; or, Inside and Outside of the Coach (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Trip to Brighton (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Trip to Richmond by Water, A (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Triumphale (Music); See Herman, A. (Composer)

Trotting Along the Road (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Trovatore, Il (Music); See Verdi, Sig. Guiseppe F. (Composer)

Trumpet Call, The (Music); See Sprake, Henry (Composer)

Trumpet concerto (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Trust to Luck (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Tschakoff, Ivan (Composer)

Tulipatan (Music); See Offenbach, Jacques (Composer)

Tully, James H. (Composer)

Tutton, J. R. (Composer)

'Twas Within a Mile of Edinbro Town (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

'Twas You That Kissed the Pretty Girls (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Twilight Dreams (Music); See Crook, John (Composer)

Twilight Fades on the Western Hills, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Twins of Latona, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Two Negro songs (Song); See Scott, Miss Jane M. (Composer)

Tzigane (Music); See Lacombe, Paul (Composer)



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Uhlan's Call, The (Music); See Eilenberg, Richard (Composer)

Under the Banner of Victory (Music); See Blon, Herr Franz von (Composer)

Under the Double Eagle (Music); See Wagner, Herr Josef F. (Composer)

Under the Greenwood Tree (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Under the Walnut Tree (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Union Jack, The (Music); See Sprake, Henry (Composer)

United Service (Music); See Godfrey, Adolphus F. (Composer)

Unlisted (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 001 (Music); See Abrams, Miss (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 002 (Song); See Andrews, Miles P. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 006 (Music); See Parnell, Michael (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 009 (Song); See Jones, J. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 010 (Song); See Addison (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 011 (Music); See Jolly, John (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 014 (Music); See Dindonne (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 015 (Song); See Dibdin, Charles (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 016 (Song); See Maddison, George W. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 018 (Song); See Knight, Edward (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 020 (Song); See Rossini, Gioacchino A. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 021 (Song); See Stevenson, John (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 026 (Song); See Sloman, John (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 037 (Music); See Paer, Ferdinando (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 038 (Music); See Romberg, Bernhard (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 055 (Music); See Mozart, Herr Wolfgang A. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 057 (Music); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 062 (Music); See Halévy, Mons. J. Fromental (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 065 (Music); See Hummel (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 066 (Music); See Paer, Ferdinando (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 069 (Music); See Tutton, J. R. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 070 (Music); See Bishop, Henry R. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 071 (Music); See Mazzinghi, Joseph (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 072 (Music); See Lee, G. Alexander (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 073 (Music); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 074 (Music); See Mozart, Herr Wolfgang A. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 075 (Music); See Niccolò, Signor (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 076 (Song); See Steibelt (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 077 (Music); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 078 (Music); See Callcott, William H. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 079 (Music); See Nathan, Isaac (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 080 (Song); See Badnall, R. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 084 (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 085 (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 086 (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 087 (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 090 (Music); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 091 (Music); See Halévy, Mons. J. Fromental (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 092 (Music); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 093 (Music); See Frampton, Fred (Choreographer)

Unlisted Title # 097 (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 100 (Song); See Auber, Daniel F. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 101 (Song); See Mellon, Alfred (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 102 (Music); See Pugni, Signor Cesare (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 104 (Song); See Mellon, Alfred (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 112 (Song); See Thirlwall, John W. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 114 (Music); See Hummel (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 115 (Song); See Loder, Edward J. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 116 (Song); See Grisar, Albert (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 133 (Song); See Taylor, Mrs. Tom (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 134 (Music); See Lindpaintner, Peter J. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 135 (Song); See Levey, William C. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 136 (Music); See Ellis, Edwin (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 137 (Music); See Kalliwoda, Johann W. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 138 (Music); See Kalliwoda, Johann W. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 144 (Music); See Rosa, Carl A. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 146 (Music); See Stoepel, Robert A. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 148 (Music); See Stoepel, Robert A. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 149 (Music); See Meyder, Karl (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 151 (Music); See Taylor, Mrs. Tom (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 153 (Music); See Sprake, Henry (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 154 (Music); See Gungl, Herr Joseph (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 155 (Music); See Waldteufel, Emile (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 156 (Song); See Mackenzie, Alexander C. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 159 (Music); See Jones, Edward (Composer); Dewinne, Henri (Arranger)

Unlisted Title # 162 (Music); See Kalliwoda, Johann W. (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 163 (Music); See Favarger, René (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 167 (Music); See Crook, John (Composer)

Unlisted Title # 168 (Music); See Favarger, René (Composer)

Up and Down (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Utopia (Music); See Sullivan, Arthur S. (Composer)



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Vadasi Ria di Qua (Song); See Martini (Composer)

Vagabond, The (Music); See Molloy, James L. (Composer)

Vaillant Belle Rose (Music); See Lamotta, A. (Composer)

Vandervell, W. (Composer)

Variations for Clarionet (Music); See Brepsant, Mons. Engebert (Composer); Riviere, Jules P. (Arranger)

Variations on the Carneval de Venise (Song); See Benedict, Julius (Composer)

Vauxhall Gardens (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Vedi O Cara Crispino (Song); See Ricci, Frederico (Composer)

Veloce Galop, Le (Music); See Riviere, Jules P. (Composer)

Venice, Famed in Story, is Our Toast (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Venitienne (Music); See Waldteufel, Emile (Composer)

Venus Reigen (Music); See Gungl, Herr Joseph (Composer)

Verdi, Sig. Guiseppe F. (Composer)

Vestal, La (Music); See Mercadante, G. Saverio (Composer)

Vhen I Vas as High as My Thumb (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Victoria and England for Ever (Song); See Balfe, Michael W. (Composer)

Victoria and Merry England (Music); See Sullivan, Arthur S. (Composer)

Victoria (Music); See Bosisio, Sig. (Composer)

Victory, The (Song); See Holland, John (Composer)

Vienna to Paris (Music); See Kral, Johann N. (Composer)

Vieux Zouave, Le (Music); See Gauwin, Adolphe (Composer)

Vilbac, Alphonse C. (Composer)

Violante (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Violet Polka (Music); See Strauss, Johann, Jr. (Composer)

Violin pieces (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Vision (Music); See Strauss, Johann (Composer)

Visit to Bagnigge Wells, A (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Vive la Gloire et l'Amour (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Vocal music (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Vogelhandler, Der (Music); See Zeller, Karl (Composer)

Volunteer Field Day and Sham Fight (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Vows Are Wind (Song); See Lee, G. Alexander (Composer)



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Wade, Joseph A. (Composer)

Waffenruf (Music); See Gungl, Herr Joseph (Composer)

Wagner, Herr Josef F. (Composer)

Wagner, Herr W. Richard (Composer)

Wake Lady, Wake (Song); See Mellon, Alfred (Composer)

Walcott, Charles (Composer)

Waldteufel, Emile (Composer)

Wallace, W. Vincent (Composer)

Wanted a Wife (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Wapping Old Stairs (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Washington Post (Music); See Sousa, John P. (Composer)

Waterloo Waltze, The (Music); See Schoengen, Herr Michael (Composer)

Watson, Michael (Composer)

Waves and Billows, The (Music); See Strauss, Johann, Jr. (Composer)

Waylett, Mrs. Harriett (Composer)

We're All of Us Out on a Spree (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Wearing of the Green, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Weber, Carl M. (Composer)

Wedding (Music); See Coote, Charles, Jr. (Composer)

Weiland, Francis (Composer)

Wein, Weib and Gesange (Music); See Strauss, Johann, Jr. (Composer)

Weiner Couplets (Music); See Strauss, Joseph (Composer)

Welch, T. (Arranger)

Welcome, Welcome to Our Strand (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Wenches Are Delicate Ware (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

What a Beauty I Do Grow (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

What a Charming Fellow (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

What a Genius I Did Grow (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

What a Place is London City (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

What is Love? An April Morn (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

What Steals from My Eyes the Sad Tear (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

What Vengeance, What Fury (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

When a Little Farm We Keep (Song); See Grisar, Albert (Composer)

When a Man Weds (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

When First Upon the Lago Maggiore (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

When Harmony Awakes (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

When in Solitude I Ponder (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

When Living with My Mam and Dad (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

When Lovers Come to Woo a Maid (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

When the Dew is on the Grass (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

When the Moon Looks Down on the Silent Deep (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

When the Wind Blows (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

When Thou Art Absent, Charming Maid (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

When Thy Bosom Heaves a Sigh (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

When Young Men Come a Sighing (Song); See Blewitt, Jonathan (Composer)

Where My Early Days Were Passed (Song); See Lee, Lewis (Composer)

Where the Bee Sucks (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Which is the Handsomest = Rival Beauties, The (Song)

While I Live I'll Crow (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Whirligig, The (Music); See Riviere, Jules P. (Composer)

Whirlwind Polka (Music); See Levey, William C. (Composer)

Whirlwind (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Whiskey in the Jug (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Whisperings by the Sea Shore (Music); See Peters, Wilhelm (Composer)

White Blossoms (Song); See Levey, William C. (Composer)

White Rose, The (Song); See Evans (Composer)

Whither My Love (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Who Cares? (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Who's Dat Knocking at de Door (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Why Are You Wandering? (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Why Doth Thy Blood in Terror Flow? (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Why Madam How You Clack Away (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Why Should I Be Sad? (Song); See Mellon, Alfred (Composer)

Widow Machree (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Widow Mahony (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Wiegand, George (Composer)

Wien, Mein Sinn (Music); See Strauss, Johann, Jr. (Composer)

Wiener Kinder (Music); See Strauss, Johann (Composer)

Wiener Kinder (Song); See Strauss, Johann (Composer)

Wig, The (Song); See Dibdin, Charles I. (Composer)

William and Sue (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

William Tell (Music); See Rossini, Gioacchino A. (Composer)

Williams, P. (Composer)

Williams, T. (Composer)

Williams, Warwick (Composer)

Willow Copse, The (Music); See Mellon, Alfred (Composer)

Wilt Thou Meet Me There Love? (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Windsor Klange (Music); See Strauss, Johann, Jr. (Composer)

Wine, Bright Wine (Song); See Read (Composer)

Wine song (Song); See Jones, Edward (Composer)

Winter (Composer)

With Flying Colours (Music); See Jones, Edward (Composer)

With My Back to the Fire and My Paunch to the Table (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

With Rapture Dwelling (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

With variations for cornet (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Wolf, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Wollstedt, Robert (Composer)

Woman is Like, A (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Woman's Conventions (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Wonderglockchen, Das (Music); See Herold, L. Ferdinand (Composer)

Wonders of the Year 1813, The (Song); See Dibdin, Charles (Composer)

Woodpecker, The (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Workmen of Paris Quadrille, The (Music); See Riviere, Jules P. (Composer)

Wormser, Andre A. (Composer)

Wreath, Wreath the Sweetest Flowers (Song); See Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Wustermann (Composer)



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Yankee Fixins (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Ye Banks and Braes (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Ye Managers Arise (to Gently, Gently, Make no Noise ) (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Yeoman of the Guard (Music); See Sullivan, Arthur S. (Composer)

You Shall Be Married Madame (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

You Unbelieving Vixen (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Young Love (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Young Maiden Came to a Bachelor's Well, A (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Young May Morn, The (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Young Susan Had Lovers (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Yours Sincerely (Music); See Coote, Charles, Jr. (Composer)



Top    A    B    C    D    E    F    G    H    I    J    K    L    M    N    O    P    Q    R    S    T    U    V    W    X    Y    Z    End

Zaira (Music); See Winter (Composer)

Zampa (Music); See Unlisted (Composer)

Zanetta (Music); See Auber, Daniel F. (Composer)

Zauberflote (Music); See Mozart, Herr Wolfgang A. (Composer)

Zebra (Music); See Reissiger, Carl G. (Composer)

Zeller, Karl (Composer)

Zephir-Lufte (Music); See Gungl, Herr Joseph (Composer)

Ziehrer, Karl M. (Composer)

Zoological Gardens (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

Zuric, Zuric, This Way Fly (Song); See Unlisted (Composer)

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