Theatre Management and Back Stage Personnel
Theatre Management and Back Stage Personnel
A Record of Dramatic Performances at a Leading Victorian Theatre
Formerly the Sans Pareil (1806-1819), later the Adelphi (1819-1900)
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Theatre Management and Back Stage Personnel


Theatre Management and Back Stage Personnel: Introduction

Front-of-House and backstage personnel are the two basic divisions of theatrical functionaries.  The first of these is an alphabetical listing of all those who "governed" the house and those who toiled backstage.  The only exception to the alphabetical ordering is those who contracted with the theatre—mainly the playhouse printers and lighting technicians.  They are listed by business name.

In this index, we indicate in parentheses each person’s function: printers, stage mechanics, directors of music, etc., and years in service.

We have included whatever names we could find in the sources with their job titles, but users will see gaps in coverage.  Bills and programs frequently omitted names for no apparent reason.  There is a temptation to fill them in by assuming there was little change over the years.  A man who was ballet master in 1869, 1871-76, and 1878 was likely to hold the post in 1870 and 1877.  The reader is at liberty to make this assumption; we must be guided by our researches.

The second index, in tabular form, is an alphabetical listing of all personnel by theatrical function, preceded by the years of service.  Regularizing of job titles has taken place, reducing them to about forty: however, the daily calendars retain the wording found on the bills.  Thus machinery is here rendered as machinist, but in the appropriate daily calendar, the term will appear as the former.  Very occasionally, individuals associated with a visiting company are listed even though they were not members of the regular Adelphi Theatre staff.  The editors prefer to include rather than exclude information.  If the user wishes to know the names of the lessees of the theatre, he clicks on "lessees" and is taken directly to a chart showing names of the six lessees whose names appear in the sources and the years they held that position.  It is worth noting some people were very faithful in their duty.  Godbee may have been costumer for almost forty years and William Perkins a scenic artist for twenty-seven.  It may be no coincidence that the most conscientious entry in the bills is that of the printers’ names.

Theatre Management and Back Stage Personnel: Alphabetical Index by Name



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A. Redford, Southwark  (Printers) 1818
Adams  (Stage mechanics) 1836
Albert, Ernest  (Scene painters) 1897-1898
Ames, J. Carlowitz  (Directors of music) 1899
Andrews  (Scene designers) 1811
Anson, George W.  (Stage managers) 1882
Anson, John W.  (Treasurers) 1859-1871, 1873-1874
Arnold, Samuel J.  (House managers) 1831S, 1833S
Aubert's Steam Printing Works, Maiden Lane, Strand  (Printers) 1885-1886
Auguste and Co.  (Scene designers) 1879; (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1878-1879, 1898
Aulph, Mrs.  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1867, 1869-1878




B. S. Fairbrother, 13 Princes Street, High Holborn  (Printers) 1837
Balding, Mrs.  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1833S
Baldwin  (Scene painters) 1813; (Stage mechanics) 1813; (Trick and transformation arrangers) 1813
Banks, Edward  (Scene painters) 1899
Barker, Richard  (Stage directors) 1884
Barrett, J. Pritchard  (Scene painters) 1898
Barrett, Oscar  (Directors of music) 1898; (Stage directors) 1898
Barry, T.  (Scene designers) 1879; (Scene painters) 1879
Bartlett, T.  (Stage mechanics) 1853-1857
Bartley, George  (Stage managers) 1830S, 1831S
Baruch and Co.  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1899
Bastard, George  (Gas engineers) 1866-1872
Bernard  (Ballet masters and mistresses) 1842
Besche, Lucien  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1894-1896
Beveridge, James D.  (Producers) 1884; (Stage directors) 1889
Beverley, Henry R.  (Stage directors) 1838; (Stage managers) 1842
Beverley, William R.  (Scene designers) 1880-1883
Billington, John  (Stage managers) 1870
Blewitt, T. W.  (Musical composers and arrangers) 1896
Bologna, John P.  (House managers) 1810S; (Stage directors) 1810S; (Stage managers) 1810S
Bowyer, Arthur  (Stage managers (assistant)) 1899
Bradwell, A. W.  (Property masters and mistresses) 1873-1878
Brew, Charles  (Scene designers) 1856; (Scene painters) 1856
Brooke, Charles A.  (Scene designers) 1881
Bruce, Edgar  (House managers (summer seasons)) 1882
Brunton, R.  (Property masters and mistresses) 1884
Buckley  (Property masters and mistresses) 1836-1837
Buckstone, John B.  (Stage directors) 1828-1829, 1830, 1835
Budd, Herbert  (Acting managers) 1898-1899; (Acting managers (assistant)) 1894-1897; (Stage managers) 1893-1894, 1898-1899
Burdett, Frank  (Property masters and mistresses) 1879-1880; (Set decorators) 1881
Burns, Benjamin  (Stage mechanics) 1884-1888
Butt  (Stage mechanics) 1838-1839; (Trick and transformation arrangers) 1839
Byrne, Oscar  (Stage directors) 1834




C. Lowndes, Marquis-court, Drury Lane  (Printers) 1814-1815, 1817
C. Stuart, 13 Archer St., Haymarket  (Printers) 1836
Callan  (Box bookkeepers) 1820-1821, 1823-1824
Callcott, Albert  (Scene designers) 1880, 1882; (Scene painters) 1880, 1882
Callcott, William H.  (Directors of music) 1835-1837; (Orchestra conductors and leaders) 1825-1829, 1838; (Scene painters) 1863
Calvert  (Box bookkeepers) 1835-1839
Campbell  (Box bookkeepers) 1825-1829, 1830, 1831-1832, 1833S, 1833-1834
Canby, A. H.  (Acting managers) 1899
Carroll  (Scene designers) 1821; (Scene painters) 1821-1822
Cartwright, Charles M.  (Stage directors) 1893
Carty  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1833S
Caton  (Box bookkeepers) 1809, 1810S, 1810-1811
Céleste, Mme. Céline  (Choreographers) 1846; (House managers) 1845-1846; (Stage directors) 1844-1857
Charing Cross and Strand Electricity Supply Corp.  (Lighting technicians) 1896-1899
Charker, Edward  (Stage mechanics) 1864-1878, 1880-1882
Charles Alias  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1899
Chatterley, Robert E.  (Prompters) 1819
Chatterton, Frederick B.  (House managers) 1870-1877; (Lessees) 1873-1877
Cherry, Miss  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1829
Cie, Mons.  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1878
Clark, T. G.  (Box bookkeepers) 1872-1877; (House managers) 1877; (Lessees) 1877; (Refreshment providers) 1873-1878
Clarke, George  (Stage directors) 1899
Clarkson, William  (Wardrobe (wigs)) 1879, 1890-1899
Coleman, George  (Acting managers (assistant)) 1869-1870
Cooke, Thomas P.  (Stage directors) 1825-1828
Cooper  (Stage mechanics) 1843-1851; (Trick and transformation arrangers) 1846
Cooper, T.  (Stage door keepers) 1830S
Cormack, John  (Ballet masters and mistresses) 1869, 1871-1876, 1878, 1880
Craig, Edith  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1899
Craven, Hawes  (Scene designers) 1870; (Scene painters) 1867-1870, 1899
Crook, John  (Directors of music) 1894-1898
Cullenford, William  (Stage directors) 1841




D'Auban, John  (Choreographers) 1892, 1896
D'Orleans, Mme.  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1898
Dalby  (Scene designers) 1861-1862; (Scene painters) 1860
Dangerfield, Frederick  (Scene painters) 1898
Danson, George  (Scene painters) 1829, 1867
Davies, Alfred  (Stage managers (assistant)) 1882-1883
Debenham and Freebody  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1894
Dennis, R.  (Stage mechanics) 1820-1825
Dewinne, Henri  (Ballet masters and mistresses) 1879, 1882, 1893
Dix  (Property masters and mistresses) 1820-1822, 1824




Edison and Swann United Electric Light Company  (Lighting technicians) 1888-1895
Elkan Brothers  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1899
Elliott  (Stage directors) 1827
Ellis, Edwin  (Directors of music) 1870-1877; (Orchestra conductors and leaders) 1866-1870, 1872, 1874-1877
Emden, Henry  (Scene painters) 1891, 1898
Emery, Samuel A.  (Stage managers) 1874-1876
Evans, J.  (Stage mechanics) 1825-1829, 1830, 1831-1832, 1833-1835; (Trick and transformation arrangers) 1827




Fenton, Frederick G.  (Scene designers) 1889
Finlay  (Scene designers) 1841; (Scene painters) 1840, 1842-1843
Fitzwilliam, Edward  (Musical composers and arrangers) 1849
Foster  (Stage directors) 1831, 1833
Foster, G.  (Comic business arrangers) 1830, 1832, 1834; (Property masters and mistresses) 1828-1829, 1830S, 1830, 1831S, 1831-1832, 1833-1835, 1845-1851; (Set decorators) 1831S, 1833S, 1850, 1852; (Trick and transformation arrangers) 1845
Frampton, Fred  (Ballet masters and mistresses) 1841-1843; (Stage directors) 1842
Frank Giles and Co.  (Furnishings) 1894-1895
Franklin  (Scene designers) 1821; (Scene painters) 1819-1823, 1827; (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1821
Freeman, Max  (Producers) 1899
Frye, Arthur  (Box bookkeepers) 1893-1899
Furst, William W.  (Directors of music) 1896




Gallot  (Prompters) 1844, 1854
Gates, James  (Scene designers) 1899; (Scene painters) 1864-1866, 1899
Gatti, Agostino  (House managers) 1877-1896; (Lessees) 1877-1880; (Proprietors) 1881-1896; (Refreshment providers) 1880
Gatti, Stefano  (House managers) 1877-1898; (Lessees) 1877-1880; (Proprietors) 1881-1899; (Refreshment providers) 1880
George Danson and Sons  (Scene designers) 1866
Gill, W. J.  (Scene designers) 1814; (Scene painters) 1817-1818
Giroux, Gabriel  (Ballet masters and mistresses) 1812-1813; (House managers) 1807, 1808; (Stage directors) 1813
Gladstane  (Scene painters) 1836
Gladstane, Thomas  (Lessees) 1843; (Proprietors) 1837-1842
Glover, Frederick  (Stage managers) 1890
Goatcher, Phil W.  (Scene painters) 1890
Godbee  (Property masters and mistresses) 1813; (Set decorators) 1838; (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1810-1818, 1820-1829, 1830, 1831-1832, 1833-1849
Godbee, Miss  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1820-1823
Godwin, Edward W.  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1882
Gofton, E. Story  (Stage managers) 1899
Gold and Walton, 24 Wardour Street, Oxford Street  (Printers) 1823
Goldfinch, Miss  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1895-1896
Goodwin  (Ballet masters and mistresses) 1810
Gordon  (Scene painters) 1835, 1837-1838
Graham, George  (Property masters and mistresses) 1864-1866
Grant  (House managers) 1808S
Grau, Maurice  (Stage directors) 1898
Grieve, Thomas  (Scene designers) 1861-1862; (Scene painters) 1867
Griffiths, W. H.  (Business managers) 1882
Grove, Davy  (Prompters) 1833
Grundy, Miss  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1841-1843
Gustave  (Wardrobe (wigs)) 1898




Hagley  (Stage mechanics) 1840-1842
Hall, Charles  (Directors of music) 1859-1861
Hall, Harry  (Stage managers) 1840
Hall, Stafford  (Scene designers) 1876-1878; (Scene painters) 1874, 1876; (Scenery) 1877; (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1877
Hall, Thomas W.  (Scene designers) 1883-1884; (Scene painters) 1894
Hampton, Walter  (Scene designers) 1875; (Scene painters) 1875
Hampton and Sons  (Furnishings) 1895-1896
Hann, Walter  (Scene designers) 1883-1885; (Scene painters) 1890-1893, 1895-1897, 1899
Hards, Ira  (Stage managers) 1896
Hardy, James  (Producers) 1899
Harford, William  (Scene designers) 1896; (Scene painters) 1895-1899
Harker, Joseph C.  (Scene designers) 1894; (Scene painters) 1894-1895, 1897
Harris, Charles  (Stage directors) 1879, 1882-1883; (Stage managers) 1877-1879
Harrison, J. A.  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1888-1890, 1897
Harrison Brothers, Bow Street  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1884-1887
Hartland, Frederick  (Stage mechanics) 1815
Hawes, William  (Directors of music) 1830S, 1831S, 1833S
Hayward  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1899
Head  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1830S, 1831S, 1833S
Healey  (Orchestra conductors and leaders) 1839-1841
Heath, W.  (Scene designers) 1874, 1876; (Scene painters) 1873-1875
Hemsley, William T.  (Scene painters) 1899
Herbert, George B.  (Musical composers and arrangers) 1822-1825; (Orchestra conductors and leaders) 1825
Herberte  (Scene painters) 1865
Heslewood, Tom  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1899
Hickman, Robert  (Stage managers) 1896
Hicks, Julian  (Scene designers) 1878-1879; (Scene painters) 1878-1879, 1899
Holland, Mrs.  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1810S
Holland, John  (House managers) 1808S, 1810S; (Musical composers and arrangers) 1808S
Hudson, Charles  (Stage directors) 1893; (Stage managers) 1893
Hughes  (Box bookkeepers) 1842-1843
Hullin, Mons. Jean-Baptiste  (Ballet masters and mistresses) 1826-1827




Ireland, Thomas  (Properties (scientific)) 1863; (Property masters and mistresses) 1844-1850, 1855-1856, 1870-1872; (Set decorators) 1844, 1853-1854, 1857, 1859-1860, 1864-1869; (Stage mechanics) 1852, 1854, 1858-1859; (Trick and transformation arrangers) 1845
Irish  (Box bookkeepers) 1819




J. S. Lyons and Co.  (Furnishings) 1890-1893, 1895, 1897-1899
J. Smeeton, St. Martin's Lane  (Printers) 1808
James, C. S.  (Scene painters) 1863
Jap  (Property masters and mistresses) 1838
Jay  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1894
Jecks, Charles A.  (Acting managers) 1878-1892; (Treasurers) 1878-1892
Jenkins  (Prompters) 1839-1840
Jervis  (Stage managers (assistant)) 1823
Johnstone, W.  (Scene designers) 1885-1888; (Scene painters) 1890-1893
Johnstone, Walter  (Scene designers) 1846; (Scene painters) 1844-1849
Jolly, John  (Musical composers and arrangers) 1815-1818; (Orchestra conductors and leaders) 1815-1818, 1820
Jones  (Ballet masters and mistresses) 1824
Jones, Edward  (Directors of music) 1893-1894
Jones, John  (Ballet masters and mistresses) 1814, 1818
Jones, Willis  (Proprietors) 1819-1824




Karl, Charles  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1889-1893, 1896-1898
Kearns, William H.  (Orchestra conductors and leaders) 1843
Kinloch, John  (Acting managers) 1864-1871
Kirby  (Scene painters) 1810




L. and H. Nathan  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1890-1894, 1896-1897, 1899
Labhart  (Property masters and mistresses) 1878-1879
Lanner, Mme. Katti  (Ballet masters and mistresses) 1898
Latham, Frederick G.  (Business managers) 1893-1898; (Stage directors) 1894-1896, 1898; (Stage managers) 1897; (Treasurers) 1893-1898
Lawrence  (Musical composers and arrangers) 1814; (Orchestra conductors and leaders) 1814, 1819
Leclercq, Charles  (Ballet masters and mistresses) 1815-1817
Lee  (Stage directors) 1819-1820, 1823-1824; (Stage managers) 1819-1824
Lee, Mrs.  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1819
Lee, R. Nelson  (Stage directors) 1837; (Trick and transformation arrangers) 1837
Lee, William  (Acting managers) 1818-1819
Leitch, R. P.  (Scene painters) 1871
Leitch, William L.  (Scene designers) 1874, 1876; (Scene painters) 1873-1875
Levey, Andrew J.  (Directors of music) 1899
Levey, William C.  (Directors of music) 1879; (Orchestra conductors and leaders) 1879
Lewis, George E.  (Directors of music) 1899
Lloyds, Frederick  (Scene designers) 1870, 1873-1877, 1879; (Scene painters) 1871-1872, 1875, 1879, 1881; (Scenery) 1881
Loftin, H.  (Stage mechanics) 1890-1892
Louis  (House managers) 1808S; (Trick and transformation arrangers) 1808S
Louis Edwards  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1896-1898
Lowndes and Hobbs, Marquis-court, Drury Lane  (Printers) 1809, 1810-1813




Maddison, George W.  (Musical composers and arrangers) 1820-1821
Maison Lucille  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1898
Maison Templiers  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1899
Maltby, Alfred  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1873-1876
Malyon, E. J.  (Producers) 1899; (Stage managers) 1899
Marchbanks, Miss  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1814-1815
Marlois, Edouard  (Directors of music) 1878-1879; (Orchestra conductors and leaders) 1879
Marshall, Charles  (Scene designers) 1844; (Scene painters) 1844
Marshall and Snelgrove  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1894-1895
Marston, Richard  (Scene painters) 1897-1898
Marte, Mme.  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1895
Mason  (Scene designers) 1821; (Scene painters) 1820-1822
Mathews  (Scene painters) 1810, 1824
Mathews, Charles  (Proprietors) 1828-1829, 1830, 1831-1832, 1833-1834
Mathews, Charles J.  (Proprietors) 1835; (Stage directors) 1835
Maugham, William  (Scene designers) 1870; (Scene painters) 1868-1872
May, Mrs. F.  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1880-1881
May, Samuel  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1868
Mayer, Marcus L.  (House managers) 1896, 1898
Mellon, Alfred  (Directors of music) 1844, 1847, 1850-1854, 1857-1858; (Melodrama music arrangers) 1862; (Musical composers and arrangers) 1844, 1847, 1849; (Orchestra conductors and leaders) 1844, 1846
Mellon, Mrs. Alfred  (Stage directors) 1867-1868
Meredith  (Stage managers) 1812
Merrick  (Scene designers) 1811; (Scene painters) 1810
Messrs. Danson  (Scene designers) 1863; (Scene painters) 1863
Messrs. Sanger  (Animal trainers) 1880
Messrs. Stinchcombe  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1882
Meyder, Karl  (Directors of music) 1880-1881
Mitchell  (Stage directors) 1835; (Stage managers) 1835
Mme. Vanite  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1894
Molloy, Westmacott  (Stage mechanics) 1812; (Trick and transformation arrangers) 1812
Montignani, Sig. Francisco A.  (Ballet masters and mistresses) 1811
Morange  (Scene designers) 1899; (Scene painters) 1899
Morris  (Scene designers) 1808; (Scene painters) 1808, 1818, 1822, 1826-1827
Morris Angel and Sons  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1893-1897, 1899
Murray, Mrs.  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1830S, 1831S
Murray, Leigh  (Stage managers) 1853-1854




Nathan, Miss  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1894
Nathan of Berwick St., London  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1824
Nettleship, Mrs.  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1895
Neville, Henry G.  (Stage directors) 1879; (Stage managers) 1879-1880
Nicholson  (Musical composers and arrangers) 1818; (Orchestra conductors and leaders) 1818
Nisbett, Mrs. John A.  (House managers) 1835
Norman, E. B.  (Stage directors) 1891-1892; (Stage managers) 1890-1893
Noverre  (Orchestra conductors and leaders) 1842




Orme  (Scene designers) 1812-1813; (Scene painters) 1812-1813, 1816
Outhwaite  (Gas engineers) 1841




Palmer  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1838-1841, 1844-1849
Palmer, Jr.  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1843
Parkes, R. S.  (Stage managers (assistant)) 1881
Parnell, Michael  (Orchestra conductors and leaders) 1811-1812, 1821, 1823
Parsloe, James  (Prompters) 1840
Parsons, Mrs.  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1863-1867
Pateman, Robert  (Stage managers) 1881
Paulo, Signor  (Comic business arrangers) 1820; (Stage directors) 1821, 1825-1826
Pericaud, Mons. Louis  (Stage managers) 1898
Perkins, Charles  (Acting managers (assistant)) 1844-1845
Perkins, William  (Scene designers) 1874, 1876, 1885-1889; (Scene painters) 1873-1875, 1890-1893, 1896-1897, 1899
Perrin, Mme. Sara  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1894
Philips and Son  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1898
Phillips  (Scene painters) 1820
Phillips, Phillip  (Scene designers) 1858; (Scene painters) 1858; (Scenery) 1860
Phillips, R.  (Stage managers) 1860-1869, 1871
Pitt, Miss  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1856
Pitt, Thomas H.  (Scene designers) 1828, 1830S, 1830, 1831S, 1831, 1833S, 1841, 1846, 1851-1858; (Scene painters) 1824-1829, 1832, 1833-1840, 1842-1860; (Scenery) 1834, 1854
Polini, G. M.  (Business managers) 1893; (Treasurers) 1893
Porter, Caleb  (Stage managers (assistant)) 1894-1895
Potts, Frank B.  (Box bookkeepers) 1870-1872
Potts, H. B.  (Scene designers) 1874, 1876; (Scene painters) 1873-1875, 1898
Powell  (Set decorators) 1857; (Stage mechanics) 1858-1860, 1863




Rayner  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1845
Rayner, Miss E.  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1830, 1831-1832, 1833S, 1833-1840, 1844, 1846-1860, 1862-1878
Reade, Charles  (Stage directors) 1881-1882
Riviere, Jules P.  (Directors of music) 1866; (Orchestra conductors and leaders) 1861-1865
Robinson, Peter  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1895-1896
Rodwell, George H.  (Directors of music) 1827-1829, 1830, 1832, 1833-1834, 1838-1843; (Musical composers and arrangers) 1826-1829, 1831, 1840-1843
Rodwell, James T.  (Proprietors) 1819-1824
Rothenberg  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1819
Rule, Matt W.  (Acting managers) 1899
Russell  (Scene designers) 1857; (Scene painters) 1857
Russell, W. H.  (Comic business arrangers) 1825; (Orchestra conductors and leaders) 1824
Ryall  (Ballet masters and mistresses) 1808S; (Musical composers and arrangers) 1808S




S. G. Fairbrother, 31 Bow Street, Covent Garden  (Printers) 1838-1843
S. G. Fairbrother, Exeter Court, Strand  (Printers) 1830S, 1831S, 1833S, 1836
St. Albin  (Ballet masters and mistresses) 1819-1823
Sanderson, James  (Musical composers and arrangers) 1809, 1810, 1812; (Orchestra conductors and leaders) 1807, 1808-1809
Saunders  (Set decorators) 1838
Saxby  (Stage mechanics) 1837-1839; (Trick and transformation arrangers) 1839
Scott, Miss Jane M.  (Choreographers) 1809
Scott, John  (House managers) 1807, 1811, 1815-1818; (Proprietors) 1806-1807, 1808-1809, 1810-1818; (Stage directors) 1809, 1812-1813; (Stage mechanics) 1807, 1808, 1810, 1813; (Trick and transformation arrangers) 1813
Scott, John, Jr.  (Scene designers) 1811; (Scene painters) 1810
Scruton  (Scene designers) 1813-1814; (Scene painters) 1813, 1815-1817, 1822
Seidel, Edward  (Property masters and mistresses) 1899
Senoy  (Stage mechanics) 1836
Shaw  (Stage door keepers) 1840; (Treasurers) 1819
Shore, James G.  (Scene painters) 1873; (Stage directors) 1872; (Stage managers) 1874
Sidney, William  (Producers) 1886; (Stage directors) 1887; (Stage managers) 1885-1886, 1888-1890
Simmons and Co.  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1898
Simonson, A.  (Treasurers) 1898
Skelly  (Property masters and mistresses) 1899
Sleath, Herbert  (House managers) 1899
Smith, Bruce  (Scene designers) 1883-1889, 1893-1894; (Scene painters) 1885, 1889-1896, 1898
Smith, Christopher J.  (Stage directors) 1845
Smith, O.  (Melodrama department) 1830S, 1831S, 1833S, 1842; (Pantomime business directors) 1830; (Stage directors) 1830S
Smith, William  (Acting managers) 1859-1863; (Stage directors) 1858
Smithyes  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1849-1852
Soutar, Robert  (Stage managers) 1890
Spong, Walter B.  (Scene painters) 1899
Sprake, Henry  (Directors of music) 1882-1892
Spratt, Henry  (Stage door keepers) 1896-1897
Stagg and Mantle  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1893-1894
Stanley, Frederic A.  (Business managers) 1899
Steagle  (Trick and transformation arrangers) 1847
Stephens, William H.  (Stage managers) 1882
Stillman, Mrs.  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1824-1828
Stirling, Edward  (Acting managers) 1838; (Stage directors) 1839, 1843, 1872; (Stage managers) 1843-1844, 1877
Stoepel, Robert A.  (Directors of music) 1880
Stribley  (Stage mechanics) 1830S, 1831S, 1833S
Stuck  (Box bookkeepers) 1812-1818
Swan, Miss  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1811-1812
Swan and Edgar, 10 Piccadilly  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1884




T. Romney, Bridge-road, Lambeth  (Printers) 1809, 1810S, 1810, 1812, 1817-1818
Taber, Robert  (Business managers) 1899
Tapsell  (Property masters and mistresses) 1837-1841
Taylor, Mrs.  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1843
Taylor, J.  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1853-1860, 1862, 1864, 1866
Telbin, William  (Scene designers) 1840-1841, 1861-1862, 1873, 1884, 1886-1888; (Scene painters) 1839-1840, 1842
Terry, Daniel  (Proprietors) 1825-1827; (Stage managers) 1825-1827
Thirlwall, John W.  (Musical composers and arrangers) 1855-1856, 1858; (Orchestra conductors and leaders) 1857
Thomas Jullion  (Printers) 1828-1829, 1830, 1831-1832, 1833-1836
Thompson  (Scene designers) 1858, 1861-1862; (Scene painters) 1858-1860, 1863-1864
Tilley  (Orchestra conductors and leaders) 1813
Tomkins, Charles  (Scene designers) 1830S, 1830, 1831S, 1831, 1833S; (Scene painters) 1824, 1826-1829, 1832, 1833-1835; (Scenery) 1834
Turner  (Scene designers) 1851-1856; (Scene painters) 1850-1856; (Scenery) 1854
Tyars, Frank  (Scene painters) 1899




Villiers, F.  (Stage directors) 1872
Vincent, Henry H.  (Stage directors) 1893
Vizetelly, Frank  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1871
Vokes  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1873
Vokes, Mrs.  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1873




W. Glindon, Rupert Street, Haymarket  (Printers) 1819-1828
W. S. Johnson, 60, St. Martin's Lane  (Printers) 1844-1874
Wagstaff  (Orchestra conductors and leaders) 1830S, 1831S, 1833S
Walker  (Scene painters) 1824-1826
Ward, James  (Refreshment providers) 1870
Warner, Charles  (Stage directors) 1880-1883, 1887; (Stage managers) 1881-1882
Webb  (Comic business arrangers) 1841; (Prompters) 1841
Webster, Benjamin N.  (House managers) 1847, 1853-1859, 1861-1871, 1873; (Lessees) 1844-1851; (Proprietors) 1851-1880; (Stage directors) 1858, 1860, 1862, 1871, 1873; (Stage managers) 1870-1871, 1873
White  (Stage mechanics) 1879
Wieland, George  (Stage directors) 1840-1842
Wigan, Horace  (Scene designers) 1874, 1876; (Scene painters) 1873-1875; (Stage managers) 1880
Wilhelm  (Wardrobe (designers and executors)) 1878, 1880-1881, 1898
Wilkins  (Scene designers) 1812; (Scene painters) 1824
Wilson  (Property masters and mistresses) 1836; (Scene painters) 1822, 1824, 1838, 1842, 1863
Wilton  (Prompters) 1828
Wood  (Armaments) 1854
Woodyer  (Property masters and mistresses) 1825-1827
Woolley  (Set decorators) 1838
Wright, Edward R.  (Stage mechanics) 1849
Wyman and Sons, Great Queen Street, London W. C.  (Printers) 1880-1881




Yates, Frederick H.  (House managers) 1837-1839, 1841; (Proprietors) 1825-1829, 1830, 1831-1832, 1833-1841; (Stage directors) 1830, 1831-1832, 1833-1834, 1836-1841
Younge, H.  (Comic business arrangers) 1828-1829, 1830; (Stage directors) 1831

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Theatre Management and Back Stage Personnel: Alphabetical Index by Function

Acting managers

1818-1819Lee, William
1838Stirling, Edward
1859-1863Smith, William
1864-1871Kinloch, John
1878-1892Jecks, Charles A.
1898-1899Budd, Herbert
1899Canby, A. H.
1899Rule, Matt W.

Acting managers (assistant)

1844-1845Perkins, Charles
1869Coleman, George (after 27 May)
1870Coleman, George
1894-1897Budd, Herbert

Animal trainers

1880Messrs. Sanger (contractor)



Ballet masters and mistresses

1811Montignani, Sig. Francisco A. (from Lisbon)
1812-1813Giroux, Gabriel
1814, 1818Jones, John
1815-1817Leclercq, Charles
1819St. Albin (from 29 Oct 1819)
1820-1823St. Albin
1826-1827Hullin, Mons. Jean-Baptiste
1841-1843Frampton, Fred
1869, 1871-1876, 1878, 1880Cormack, John
1879, 1882, 1893Dewinne, Henri
1898Lanner, Mme. Katti

Box bookkeepers

1809, 1810S, 1810-1811Caton
1820-1821, 1823-1824Callan
1825-1829, 1830, 1831-1832, 1833S, 1833-1834Campbell
1870-1872Potts, Frank B.
1872-1877Clark, T. G.
1893-1899Frye, Arthur

Business managers

1882Griffiths, W. H.
1893Polini, G. M.
1893-1898Latham, Frederick G.
1899Stanley, Frederic A.
1899Taber, Robert


1809Scott, Miss Jane M.
1846Céleste, Mme. Céline
1892, 1896D'Auban, John

Comic business arrangers

1820Paulo, Signor
1825Russell, W. H.
1828-1829, 1830Younge, H.
1830, 1832, 1834Foster, G.

Directors of music

1827-1829, 1830, 1832, 1833-1834, 1838-1843Rodwell, George H.
1830S, 1831S, 1833SHawes, William
1835-1836Callcott, William H.
1837Callcott, William H. (?)
1844, 1847, 1850-1854, 1857-1858Mellon, Alfred
1859-1861Hall, Charles
1866Riviere, Jules P.
1870-1877Ellis, Edwin
1878-1879Marlois, Edouard
1879Levey, William C.
1880Stoepel, Robert A.
1880-1881Meyder, Karl
1882-1892Sprake, Henry
1893-1894Jones, Edward
1894-1898Crook, John
1896Furst, William W.
1898Barrett, Oscar
1899Ames, J. Carlowitz
1899Levey, Andrew J.
1899Lewis, George E.


1890-1893, 1895, 1897-1899J. S. Lyons and Co. (contractor)
1894-1895Frank Giles and Co. (contractor)
1895-1896Hampton and Sons (contractor)

Gas engineers

1866-1872Bastard, George

House managers

1807, 1808Giroux, Gabriel
1807, 1811, 1815-1818Scott, John
1808S, 1810SHolland, John
1810SBologna, John P. (after July 9, 1810)
1831S, 1833SArnold, Samuel J.
1835Nisbett, Mrs. John A. (after 16 November 1835)
1837-1839, 1841Yates, Frederick H.
1845-1846Céleste, Mme. Céline
1847, 1853-1859, 1861-1871, 1873Webster, Benjamin N.
1870-1877Chatterton, Frederick B.
1877Clark, T. G.
1877-1895Gatti, Agostino
1877-1898Gatti, Stefano
1896Gatti, Agostino (until Jan 1897)
1896, 1898Mayer, Marcus L.
1899Sleath, Herbert

House managers (summer seasons)

1882Bruce, Edgar


1843Gladstane, Thomas
1844-1851Webster, Benjamin N.
1873-1877Chatterton, Frederick B.
1877Clark, T. G.
1877-1880Gatti, Agostino
1877-1880Gatti, Stefano

Lighting technicians

1888-1895Edison and Swann United Electric Light Company (contractor)
1896-1899Charing Cross and Strand Electricity Supply Corp. (contractor)

Melodrama department

1830S, 1831S, 1833S, 1842Smith, O.

Melodrama music arrangers

1862Mellon, Alfred

Musical composers and arrangers

1808SHolland, John
1809, 1810, 1812Sanderson, James
1815-1818Jolly, John
1818Nicholson (after Dec 3, 1819)
1820-1821Maddison, George W.
1822-1825Herbert, George B.
1826-1829, 1831, 1840-1843Rodwell, George H.
1844, 1847, 1849Mellon, Alfred
1849Fitzwilliam, Edward
1855-1856, 1858Thirlwall, John W.
1896Blewitt, T. W.

Orchestra conductors and leaders

1807, 1808-1809Sanderson, James
1811-1812, 1821, 1823Parnell, Michael
1814, 1819Lawrence
1815-1818, 1820Jolly, John
1818Nicholson (after Dec 3, 1819)
1824Russell, W. H.
1825Herbert, George B.
1825-1829, 1838Callcott, William H.
1830S, 1831S, 1833SWagstaff
1843Kearns, William H.
1844, 1846Mellon, Alfred
1857Thirlwall, John W.
1861-1865Riviere, Jules P.
1866-1870, 1872, 1874-1877Ellis, Edwin
1879Levey, William C.
1879Marlois, Edouard

Pantomime business directors

1830Smith, O.


1808J. Smeeton, St. Martin's Lane (contractor)
1809, 1810-1813Lowndes and Hobbs, Marquis-court, Drury Lane (contractor)
1809, 1810S, 1810, 1812, 1817-1818T. Romney, Bridge-road, Lambeth (contractor)
1814-1815, 1817C. Lowndes, Marquis-court, Drury Lane (contractor)
1818A. Redford, Southwark (contractor)
1819-1828W. Glindon, Rupert Street, Haymarket (contractor)
1823Gold and Walton, 24 Wardour Street, Oxford Street (contractor)
1828-1829, 1830, 1831-1832, 1833-1836Thomas Jullion (contractor)
1830S, 1831S, 1833S, 1836S. G. Fairbrother, Exeter Court, Strand (contractor)
1836C. Stuart, 13 Archer St., Haymarket (contractor)
1837B. S. Fairbrother, 13 Princes Street, High Holborn (contractor)
1838-1843S. G. Fairbrother, 31 Bow Street, Covent Garden (contractor)
1844-1874W. S. Johnson, 60, St. Martin's Lane (contractor)
1880-1881Wyman and Sons, Great Queen Street, London W. C. (contractor)
1885-1886Aubert's Steam Printing Works, Maiden Lane, Strand (contractor)


1884Beveridge, James D.
1886Sidney, William
1899Freeman, Max
1899Hardy, James
1899Malyon, E. J.


1819Chatterley, Robert E. (late prompter of TR DL)
1828Wilton (from Olympic)
1833Grove, Davy
1840Jenkins (Sep-Dec)
1840Parsloe, James (Jan-Sep)
1844, 1854Gallot

Properties (scientific)

1863Ireland, Thomas

Property masters and mistresses

1820-1822, 1824Dix
1828-1829, 1830S, 1830, 1831S, 1831-1832, 1833-1835, 1845-1851Foster, G.
1844-1850, 1855-1856, 1870-1872Ireland, Thomas
1864-1866Graham, George
1873-1878Bradwell, A. W.
1879-1880Burdett, Frank
1884Brunton, R.
1899Seidel, Edward


1806-1807, 1808-1809, 1810-1818Scott, John
1819-1824Jones, Willis
1819-1824Rodwell, James T.
1825-1827Terry, Daniel
1825-1829, 1830, 1831-1832, 1833-1841Yates, Frederick H.
1828-1829, 1830, 1831-1832, 1833-1834Mathews, Charles
1835Mathews, Charles J.
1837-1842Gladstane, Thomas
1851Webster, Benjamin N. (after March 29, 1852)
1852-1880Webster, Benjamin N.
1881-1895Gatti, Agostino
1881-1899Gatti, Stefano
1896Gatti, Agostino (until Jan 1897)

Refreshment providers

1870Ward, James
1873-1878Clark, T. G.
1880Gatti, Agostino
1880Gatti, Stefano

Scene designers

1811Scott, John, Jr.
1814Gill, W. J.
1828, 1830S, 1830, 1831S, 1831, 1833S, 1841, 1846, 1851-1858Pitt, Thomas H.
1830S, 1830, 1831S, 1831, 1833STomkins, Charles
1840-1841, 1861-1862, 1873, 1884, 1886-1888Telbin, William
1844Marshall, Charles
1846Johnstone, Walter
1856Brew, Charles
1858Phillips, Phillip
1858, 1861-1862Thompson
1861-1862Grieve, Thomas
1863Messrs. Danson (contractor)
1866George Danson and Sons (contractor)
1870Craven, Hawes
1870Maugham, William
1870, 1873-1877, 1879Lloyds, Frederick
1874, 1876Heath, W.
1874, 1876Leitch, William L.
1874, 1876Potts, H. B.
1874, 1876Wigan, Horace
1874, 1876, 1885-1889Perkins, William
1875Hampton, Walter
1876-1878Hall, Stafford
1878-1879Hicks, Julian
1879Auguste and Co. (contractor)
1879Barry, T.
1880, 1882Callcott, Albert
1880-1883Beverley, William R.
1881Brooke, Charles A.
1883-1884Hall, Thomas W.
1883-1885Hann, Walter
1883-1889, 1893-1894Smith, Bruce
1885-1888Johnstone, W.
1889Fenton, Frederick G.
1894Harker, Joseph C.
1896Harford, William
1899Gates, James

Scene painters

1808, 1818, 1822, 1827Morris
1810Scott, John, Jr.
1810, 1824Mathews
1812-1813, 1816Orme
1813, 1815-1817, 1822Scruton
1817-1818Gill, W. J.
1819-1823, 1827Franklin
1822, 1824, 1838, 1842, 1863Wilson
1824, 1826-1829, 1832, 1833-1835Tomkins, Charles
1824-1829, 1832, 1833-1840, 1842-1860Pitt, Thomas H.
1826Morris (after Dec 26)
1829, 1867Danson, George
1835, 1837-1838Gordon
1839-1840, 1842Telbin, William
1840, 1842-1843Finlay
1844Marshall, Charles
1844-1849Johnstone, Walter
1856Brew, Charles
1858Phillips, Phillip
1858-1860, 1863-1864Thompson
1860Dalby (after April 6, 1861)
1863Callcott, William H.
1863James, C. S.
1863Messrs. Danson (contractor)
1864-1866, 1899Gates, James
1867Grieve, Thomas
1867-1870, 1899Craven, Hawes
1868-1872Maugham, William
1871Leitch, R. P.
1871-1872, 1875, 1879, 1881Lloyds, Frederick
1873Shore, James G.
1873-1875Heath, W.
1873-1875Leitch, William L.
1873-1875Wigan, Horace
1873-1875, 1898Potts, H. B.
1873-1875, 1890-1893, 1896-1897, 1899Perkins, William
1874, 1876Hall, Stafford
1875Hampton, Walter
1878-1879, 1899Hicks, Julian
1879Barry, T.
1880, 1882Callcott, Albert
1885, 1889-1896, 1898Smith, Bruce
1890Goatcher, Phil W.
1890-1893Johnstone, W.
1890-1893, 1895-1897, 1899Hann, Walter
1891, 1898Emden, Henry
1894Hall, Thomas W.
1894-1895, 1897Harker, Joseph C.
1895-1899Harford, William
1897-1898Albert, Ernest
1897-1898Marston, Richard
1898Barrett, J. Pritchard
1898Dangerfield, Frederick
1899Banks, Edward
1899Hemsley, William T.
1899Spong, Walter B.
1899Tyars, Frank


1834Tomkins, Charles
1834, 1854Pitt, Thomas H.
1860Phillips, Phillip
1877Hall, Stafford
1881Lloyds, Frederick

Set decorators

1831S, 1833S, 1850, 1852Foster, G.
1844, 1853-1854, 1857, 1859-1860, 1864-1869Ireland, Thomas
1881Burdett, Frank

Stage directors

1809, 1812-1813Scott, John
1810SBologna, John P.
1813Giroux, Gabriel
1819-1820, 1823-1824Lee
1821, 1825-1826Paulo, Signor
1825-1828Cooke, Thomas P.
1828-1829, 1830, 1835Buckstone, John B.
1830SSmith, O.
1830, 1831-1832, 1833-1834, 1836-1841Yates, Frederick H.
1831Younge, H.
1831, 1833Foster
1834Byrne, Oscar
1835Mathews, Charles J.
1837Lee, R. Nelson
1838Beverley, Henry R.
1839, 1843, 1872Stirling, Edward
1840-1842Wieland, George
1841Cullenford, William
1842Frampton, Fred
1844-1857Céleste, Mme. Céline
1845Smith, Christopher J.
1858Smith, William
1858, 1860, 1862, 1871, 1873Webster, Benjamin N.
1867-1868Mellon, Mrs. Alfred
1872Shore, James G.
1872Villiers, F.
1879Neville, Henry G.
1879, 1882-1883Harris, Charles
1880-1883, 1887Warner, Charles
1881-1882Reade, Charles
1884Barker, Richard
1887Sidney, William
1889Beveridge, James D.
1891-1892Norman, E. B.
1893Cartwright, Charles M.
1893Hudson, Charles
1893Vincent, Henry H.
1894-1896, 1898Latham, Frederick G.
1898Barrett, Oscar
1898Grau, Maurice
1899Clarke, George

Stage door keepers

1830SCooper, T.
1896-1897Spratt, Henry

Stage managers

1810SBologna, John P.
1825-1827Terry, Daniel
1830S, 1831SBartley, George
1835Mitchell (from The Queen's, after 9 November 1835)
1840Hall, Harry
1842Beverley, Henry R.
1843-1844, 1877Stirling, Edward
1853-1854Murray, Leigh
1860-1869, 1871Phillips, R.
1870Billington, John (until Feb 13)
1870-1871, 1873Webster, Benjamin N.
1874Shore, James G.
1874-1876Emery, Samuel A.
1877-1879Harris, Charles
1879-1880Neville, Henry G.
1880Wigan, Horace
1881Pateman, Robert
1881-1882Warner, Charles
1882Anson, George W.
1882Stephens, William H.
1885-1886, 1888-1890Sidney, William
1890Glover, Frederick
1890Soutar, Robert
1890-1893Norman, E. B.
1893Hudson, Charles
1893-1894, 1898-1899Budd, Herbert
1896Hards, Ira
1896Hickman, Robert
1897Latham, Frederick G.
1898Pericaud, Mons. Louis
1899Gofton, E. Story
1899Malyon, E. J.

Stage managers (assistant)

1881Parkes, R. S.
1882-1883Davies, Alfred
1894-1895Porter, Caleb
1899Bowyer, Arthur

Stage mechanics

1807, 1808, 1810, 1813Scott, John
1812Molloy, Westmacott
1815Hartland, Frederick
1820-1825Dennis, R.
1825-1829, 1830, 1831-1832, 1833-1835Evans, J.
1830S, 1831S, 1833SStribley
1849Wright, Edward R.
1852, 1854, 1858-1859Ireland, Thomas
1853-1857Bartlett, T.
1858-1860, 1863Powell
1864-1878, 1880-1882Charker, Edward
1884-1888Burns, Benjamin
1890-1892Loftin, H.


1859-1871, 1873-1874Anson, John W.
1878-1892Jecks, Charles A.
1893Polini, G. M.
1893-1898Latham, Frederick G.
1898Simonson, A.

Trick and transformation arrangers

1812Molloy, Westmacott
1813Scott, John
1827Evans, J.
1837Lee, R. Nelson
1845Foster, G.
1845Ireland, Thomas

Wardrobe (designers and executors)

1810SHolland, Mrs.
1810-1818, 1820-1829, 1830, 1831-1832, 1833-1849Godbee
1811-1812Swan, Miss
1814-1815Marchbanks, Miss
1819Lee, Mrs.
1820-1823Godbee, Miss
1824Nathan of Berwick St., London (contractor)
1824-1828Stillman, Mrs.
1829Cherry, Miss
1830S, 1831SMurray, Mrs.
1830S, 1831S, 1833SHead
1830, 1831-1832, 1833S, 1833-1840, 1844, 1846-1860, 1862-1878Rayner, Miss E.
1833SBalding, Mrs.
1838-1841, 1844-1849Palmer
1841-1843Grundy, Miss
1843Palmer, Jr.
1843Taylor, Mrs.
1853-1860, 1862, 1864, 1866Taylor, J.
1856Pitt, Miss
1863-1867Parsons, Mrs.
1867, 1869-1878Aulph, Mrs.
1868May, Samuel
1871Vizetelly, Frank
1873Vokes, Mrs.
1873-1876Maltby, Alfred
1877Hall, Stafford
1878Cie, Mons.
1878-1879, 1898Auguste and Co. (contractor)
1878, 1880-1881, 1898Wilhelm
1880-1881May, Mrs. F.
1882Godwin, Edward W.
1882Messrs. Stinchcombe (contractor)
1884Swan and Edgar, 10 Piccadilly (contractor)
1884-1887Harrison Brothers, Bow Street (contractor)
1888-1890, 1897Harrison, J. A. (Bow Street)
1889-1893, 1896-1898Karl, Charles
1890-1894, 1896-1897, 1899L. and H. Nathan (contractor)
1893-1894Stagg and Mantle (contractor)
1893-1897, 1899Morris Angel and Sons (contractor)
1894Debenham and Freebody (contractor)
1894Mme. Vanite (contractor)
1894Nathan, Miss
1894Perrin, Mme. Sara
1894-1895Marshall and Snelgrove (contractor)
1894-1896Besche, Lucien
1895Marte, Mme.
1895Nettleship, Mrs.
1895-1896Goldfinch, Miss
1895-1896Robinson, Peter
1896-1898Louis Edwards (contractor)
1898D'Orleans, Mme.
1898Maison Lucille (contractor)
1898Philips and Son (contractor)
1898Simmons and Co. (contractor)
1899Baruch and Co. (contractor)
1899Charles Alias (contractor)
1899Craig, Edith
1899Elkan Brothers (contractor)
1899Heslewood, Tom
1899Maison Templiers (contractor)

Wardrobe (wigs)

1879, 1890-1899Clarkson, William

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